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Cantina Laredo in DFW - Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Airports
Dec 17 13

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Excellent airport option! I attempted to order the enchiladas de avocado, but was told by the waiter that without the cheese, they'd be pretty boring. He said they could make me vegan tacos with shrooms, artichokes, peppers, avocado, etc. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! And cheaper than any entree on the menu (~$12). If I have a long layover here again I'll definitely be back!

Rocco's Little Chicago in Tucson, Arizona
Feb 7 12

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Weird. I was told that they couldn't make their pizza vegan because there was cheese in the crust. Maybe this is new (I notice the other reviews are several years ago) or I had a bad waiter. But I haven't been back since. I had a veggie sandwich, and while it tasted good there wasn't much too it (not very filling).

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