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I'm vegan
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Pokez in San Diego County, California
Jan 27 12

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I agree with some of the other reviewers that the service is not very good. I think there was only one server for the whole restaurant and service was very slow. The bigger problem here, however, is the food. No one in my party was happy with their dish--everyone thought their food was very bland. I ordered two bean enchiladas and a bean tostada. (I should insert here that my food came with cheese, even though I specifically requested it be left off.) A could tell that the beans had not been soaked or cooked long enough. I came across many hard, grainny bits. The beans tasted like they had no seasonings or spice on them whatsoever. I would greatly advise people avoid this restaurant!

Kindee Thai Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 13 12

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Kindee has a separate vegan and gluten free menu, and their servers seem to know what vegan means. My server and I even went over that the meals we ordered should be prepared vegan and what that meant. However, I was definitely served something that had oyster sauce or some sort of shellfish in it as I had an allergic reaction after dining here.