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Eureka Natural Foods in Humboldt County, California
Mar 31 05

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While the store itself is fine, the Deli you should stay away from. 100% of the time I attempt to eat their food with the one sole exception of the veggie boca burger (which is almost impossible to screw up), I can't believe how horrible the taste is (off/sour/gross) or how bland it is. I've had quite a bit of their menu and each time even though the burrito or mac & cheese looks like it should be good, it's just stomach turning. I never finish their food and I waited six months before trying them out again today (3/31/05) and boy o boy was I not let down... Their Mac & Cheese 3 cheese baked squares tasted like the three cheeses were Bleu, Limburger and Head cheese... Who makes their food already!?!? FIRE THEM!