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I'm vegetarian
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Rajbhog Sweets and Snacks in Cherry Hill Area, New Jersey
Jan 24 12

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Rajbhog recently closed and I am sorry that it closed, but I could see it coming. I knew the past owner very well and before I go further, it is my duty to say that she did a phenomenal work at this place and is one of the best business person I have ever known. Anyways, the veg food that came from Rajbhog in NY was bad & stale and this fast food franchise which was known for being strictly vegetarian, have added many non-veg items to their menu.... and that's where the disaster begins. Vegetarains slowly stopped coming to this restaurant and ultimately it closed. This is an Indian restaurant and 80% Indians are strict vegetarians and are not going to patronize any fast food chain factory or any restaurant where there is non-veg food.