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I'm vegetarian
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Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 28 11

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I'm starting to get very annoyed with the people on here complaining about the "customer service"
Hard times is VERY unique in the way they run the place. you grab your own menu, seat yourself, write down what you want, your name, and the price on a sheet of paper and hand the paper to the barista. When you food is done the cook yells your name.

There's not much interaction in that. I've never been glared at or even received an eye roll. No one has ever insulted my mother or called me ugly.

Sure it's a system that involves less interaction, but it's efficient and effective and NO ONE has ever been rude to me.

And as far as the food goes, it is simply fantastic. At the counter where they set your food for you to pick up, they have all sorts of yummy add ons including vegan spread, nutrition yeast, and hot sauce.

I've never had any better 100% vegetarian food.

This place is open 22 hours a day, which is great.

And as far as people calling the place dirty.. I'm willing to bet any Denny's is much dirtier than hard times.

At Hard Times all the tables, booths, and chairs, and counters are very clean. I wasn't bothered at all by any supposed, "uncleanliness"
at most I'd call it grungy.

Overall I LOVE Hard Times. fair price, great food, unique atmosphere.