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I'm vegetarian
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Konata's in Miami, Florida
Dec 11 11

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I was a little leery of entering this place as it is a bit out of the way for me and looked a bit ominous as it had dark windows with bright neon OPEN sign. But as I was dieing for good vegetarian food and I have not had any since leaving New York I forced myself to go in. And thank God I did!!

The restaurant is on the smallish side but immaculate with wonderful Reggae music emanating throughout. Their service is attentive and friendly.

And the food! Oh, where can I begin??

I was absolutely floored by the scrumptiousness of their yatties (Veggie Patties). After buying three I never left the parking lot and was forced to go back in to immediately get some more. This was hands down THE BEST vegetarian food I have eaten since coming to Miami. Other vegetarian places that have consistently received good reviews in South Florida have left me more than unimpressed. I implore you to try this place out whether you are a vegetarian or not you will not be disappointed.