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I am a recovering social networking addict. I am what I consider an aspiring designer. My other hobbies are bicycling (rain, snow, sleet or sun), critiquing local music (predicting it's viability), debating radical politics (I am generally on the "radical" side), eating semi-organic home-cooked foods (but obsessing over restaurant food) and filmmaking (I love being behind a camera, not in front).

I have two beautiful children named Jonah (after a tattoo artist who dropped out of the business to bake bread) and Fallow (after a The Weakerthans album). I also have a fiancee who I also love dearly.

I also believe that I am a french fry and root beer expert. I can tell you where to get the best french fries or root beer in your town (assuming I have been there).

But yeah, I am Chadwick and it is nice to E-Meet you.

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