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Reggae Shack Cafe in Gainesville, Florida
Oct 24 11

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I eat here as much as I possibly can! Very friendly staff - the cook will even ask you how it was. The wait time isn't agonizingly long, but it isn't like McDonald's; which is a great thing to me! It means they take the time to cook from scratch. At least a quarter of their menu is vegan, and it's all delicious! I'm not sure if the festivals are VEGAN friendly (I know that the dessert festivals are not), but I used to eat them all the time when I was vegetarian and they're an amazing treat :D I start out with a smoothie (they ask you if you want it made vegan) or a ginger beer. Choose from sandwiches or dinner plates (all of them are vegan), and if there's still room left - the plates are heartily piled with food - you can pick out a dessert. Some desserts are vegan. Overall, I think it's the best vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurant in Gainesville. P.S., Be aware that many of the choices are spicy, a Jamaican trademark, before you eat! I love spicy food, but a lot of people can't handle the heat. Ask your waitress/waiter for any non-spicy options.