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I'm vegan
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Peninsula in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 17 11

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The Spicy Golden Tofu is easily the best dish at Peninsula. The tofu is creamy and puffy, the breading is light and has a lot of heat without overwhelming the flavor. Vegans beware - their housemade tofu contains egg. They will happily substitute it with commercial tofu (which our server called "white tofu"), and the dish was still delicious.

Royal Orchid in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 9 12

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The ambiance isn't much better than the vegetarian Indian restaurant that last occupied this space, but the food and staff were really great.

We said we were vegan and our server knew exactly what that meant and let us know what we could be made vegan and what could not. Most of their curries have shrimp paste, so make sure you ask.

My boyfriend had the (vegan) yellow curry, which was rich and garlicky. The veggies even included sweet potato. I had the cashew stir fry (needed to substitute for oyster sauce). It was slightly sweet, the tofu was perfect and the veggies were crisp. I loved this dish.

The cook (owner?) visited everyone's tables during a lull and when he got to us, he pointed to our dishes and said, "No animal products." That made me feel very confident about getting a vegan meal. Later, he said if we called ahead, he'd make a vegan curry for us (e.g., massaman). We probably won't because we don't usually plan ahead, but it was nice of him to offer.