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I'm mostly vegetarian, but not always
Registered on Jun 15 11

Wheel of Life in Orange County, California
Jun 15 11

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I went there for the first time today having recently decided to become largely vegetarian.
The whole location was under remodeling and boarded up (but businesses were still open). Once inside, it was worth the trip however.

The place itself looks very average (like a typical small Chinese or Thai local restaurant).
The staff were extremely friendly (looks like it was family run).
I was impressed that it was quite full, especially with Thai customers, so I knew I was in for a treat.

I had Tom Yum soup (was delicious) and beef satay (so-so) to start.
Main course I had spicy soft noodles (very tasty) and crunchy chicken (was lightly fried and hence was filling). I would have liked to have seen a few more pure, simple, plain vegetable dishes. They don't have a liquor license, so no wine. For 2 people, total bill was $40 which was reasonable.

Overall, a really nice meal and would definitely go back again!