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French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in MSP - Minneapolis / St. Paul, Airports
Mar 30 08

rating star

This is my favorite airport restaurant! I can't think of any other place in any airport that has as many vegan options. Some of my favorites include: tempeh ruben sandwich, chili, raspberry bars, and vegan cupcakes! Lots of other options available. They are also very quiet (you can't hear any of the annoying announcements -- a big plus!) and they have plugs under every chair -- also a big plus since I always need to recharge my computer. I should say that I always sit in the more casual section (on the left as you go in).

Chandra Thai in Los Angeles, California
Mar 24 08

rating star

The food was good; nothing spectacular, but it was good. I preferred it to Saladang which I went to the night before; Chandra was cheaper, they don't put fish sauce in everything, and the atmosphere is more intimate. I also appreciated that the mild was pretty mild and the spicy was spicy. And there were enough vegan options to choose from. I stayed at the Pasadena Inn and if I ever come back to Pasadena, I'll definitely stay at the same hotel, go to Whole Foods for breakfast and lunch, and eat at Chandra Thai for dinner.

Saladang in Los Angeles, California
Mar 20 08

rating star

As the description says, unless you specify that you don't want this, fish and/or oyster sauce goes into all vegetarian dishes! This is kind of annoying; since I was talking to my friends, I was really worried that I'd forget to ask for no fish sauce. And since my friends and I decided to share food, I had to go out of my way to tell the waiter to skip the fish/oyster sauce in their dishes too; it was awkward (especially since I didn't particularly want to trigger a discussion about the moral status of oysters!)

That being said, the food is nicely decorated, the service was good, and the place looks nice. But the flavor is so so. We asked for "mild" (not spicy) and without spice, the food was pretty bland. The prices are reasonable, and they do have a number of dishes that are vegan if you remember to ask for no fish sauce...

Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles, California
Mar 20 08

rating star

I looked and looked for some baked goods or nice desserts in their bakery both yesterday and today I was totally unable to find any!

But other than that, I'm really delighted with this Whole Foods location! They have all the usual grocery options, including a ton of vegan ones, but they also have a lot more warm food options. Since I'm here for a conference, and I'm staying at the hotel across the street (Pasadena Inn), this is a big plus in my book! I got a "vegan tuna sandwich" which was so similar to "real" tuna that I almost spat it out! It tastes good though; I might get it again.

The nut bar looked so cool. And they offer free samples! I got some almonds toasted in syrup and coconut (yumm!) and cinnamon macademia nuts (yumm!).

And of course, since this is California, they have various oranges that are both organic and local. Very cool.

Seeing the compost bins was also a nice surprise! Plus, they have free wireless!

Golden Era in San Francisco, California
Apr 7 07

rating star

I tried 6 dishes here, and they were all good. Nothing was extraordinary, but they were all good or very good. The vegetarian lamb was very tough but it had good flavor. The vegetarian lemon chicken was very lemony and pretty good. The Indian fried rice was ok. The coconut curry was good. The eggplant with tofu was good too. The best was probably the spicy gourmet chicken; it was spicy, but not overly so, and it had a good flavor and chewy texture. Very good. The best thing about this restaurant, which made me give it an 8, is that they have Vegan Flan!! I used to love flan, but it's made just out of eggs + milk (+ sugar), but somehow Golden Era managed to make it vegan. It was very very tasty too, and just like I remember flan to be! Yumm! They also have vegan carrot cake and German chocolate cake!

I also liked that they had a lot of veg pamphlets at the front: Why Vegans, Guides to Cruelty-Free Eating, Vegetarian Starter Kits, etc.

Herbivore in San Francisco, California
Apr 6 07

rating star

I went to Herbivore-Valencia two years ago when I was in San Fran and I liked it. I went at some weird hour when there were very few people there and the atmosphere was mellow and nice. The food was very good too.

I went again this year at 9pm and it was filled with people. There was only one empty table. I liked the atmosphere a lot; it was very lively but not loud. The server was super nice; he put extra effort into getting our group a table. I just got dessert this time -- Maggie Mudd ice cream. Ultra super yummy stuff! I tried both the lemon poppy seed and the coconut chocolate fudge and they were both really really good. My only complaint is that the ice cream -- priced at $3.75 -- was way way too much for one person. They should serve smaller portions, so you can go there alone and get some a bit of yummy ice cream.

MaggieMudd in San Francisco, California
Apr 5 07

rating star

This ice cream is awesome! I tried the coconut chocolate fudge, which was very good and really rich, and the lemon poppy seed which was absolutely amazing! I know I'm going to crave it for the next few months.

MEDICINE in San Francisco, California
Apr 6 07

rating star

I thought the food here was really plain. I got something that sounded exciting and exotic, but it turned out to be steamed purple rice, steamed snow peas, steamed shredded carrots, a bit of ginger and a bit of wasabi. The steamed veggies were really plain and totally not worth $9. Although it did have Yuba -- which is a kind of tofu skin -- which was quite yummy and interesting. I tried my friend's spicy peanut noodle dish and it was neither spicy nor very exciting. The only thing that was worth having was the dessert which was exciting and yummy: white ear mushrooms in sweet coconut milk. The service was good, but the place was packed. Maybe other people like it a lot more. My friend liked it. But I would not go back to spend $10 on something I can easily make.

I'm still giving them 5 points because everything is completely vegan. But perhaps I'm being overly tough on them because they are vegan. The food builds into stereotypes of what vegan food is: healthy but super bland...tofu, brown (purple) rice and steamed vegetables. They even served a side of plain tofu (with a little bit of spice on top more as decoration than anything)!

So I might be overly tough; the place was really packed and other people seemed happier with their healthy food.

Whole Foods Market in San Francisco, California
Apr 5 07

rating star

I was in San Francisco for a conference. I was happy to find a Whole Foods downtown, where I was staying. Everything is so expensive downtown, so it was cool to be able to go to Whole Foods and grab some organic fruit, bread, etc. I also got some stuff to put in my hair since they confiscated my hair gel at the airport (they confiscated my sun block too because it was over 3 oz, and Whole Foods has some little ones too that I could have got). I like going to Whole Foods and know that I'll find what I need.

Ahimsa in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Dec 24 06

rating star

I tried two of their ice-creams -- the almond and the saffron/pistachio -- and they were both delicious!! I also had the avocalado smoothie which was very good too. The raw avocado/mango wrap was yummy but not very filling. The place is a bit expensive, but the smoothie was very thick and full of ingredients that cost a lot of money, especially when they are organic. I would highly recommend the place: it's vegan (the only vegan place in New Haven!), delicious, and organic!

I would give it a higher rating if they had a few more options on the menu and if the portions were just a little bit bigger.

Claire's Corner Copia in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jun 6 06

rating star

When I walked in, I was unpleasantly surprised to see how few things on the menu were vegan. It was breakfast time, and they don't serve anything off the regular menu, so I ordered one of the two vegan items off the breakfast menu. The tofu scramble I had was much much worse than any other tofu scramble I've ever had. The tofu did not have any spices or flavor. It looked like big white chunks of gelatinous tofu on a fancy white plate. It did have a few bits of vegetables but these had no flavor or texture. It was so gross that although I was really hungry and had paid $8 for it, I couldn't finish it.

This place might be good for vegetarians, but it is bad for vegans. It makes veganism seem hard by charging extra for soy milk, not offering easy vegan dishes (e.g. I can't believe that they don't have any vegan desserts!! How hard can it be to make one vegan cookie??), refusing to make other simple things vegan, and finally making the few vegan dishes (or at least the ones I tried) without much flavor, texture, or taste.

Edge of the Woods in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jan 4 08

rating star

Best place to go to in New Haven if you are vegan and have a sweet tooth! And if you are European, or like more European sweets, you'll be especially pleased! The selection of vegan sweets in their bakery section was truly impressive. All the following are vegan!!
- Bars: apricot, brownies, blondies, coconut carob, lemon raspberry bars, cranberry pecan bars, date nut bars, lemon blueberry bars, pecan pie bars, berry tofu, carob tofu, and pumpkin tofu
- Cookies: mocha walnut, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, tahini chocolate chip, maple chocolate chip, raspberry chocolate
- Pies: apple, cranberry pear, pecan, pumpkin
- Cakes: apple cinnamon, chocolate, carrot, maple raspberry, strawberry coconut
- Strudel (fruit-filled)
- vegan cheese danish!! (Wow, this was awesome!)
I tried a number of their sweets and they were very good!

I also tried the food in the deli area where you pay by the pound and it was mostly good, but certainly not impressive. It was certainly nice to see that most of the options were vegan, but I would probably prefer to buy something from the grocery store and cook it.

The grocery store seems really cool. Most of the food (except for pet food?) is vegetarian and it seems to have most of the food I would want! The only thing lacking is a great selection and quantity of vegan fruit, but otherwise it's great! They have pretty much everything you'd hope for.

Gourmet Heaven - Whitney in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jun 6 06

rating star

Both the grilled vegetable with sun dried tomato paste sandwich and the hummus wrap were pretty good (nothing super special though...). The Mediterranean Vegetable soup with crackers was cheap ($3) and good. However, it was a bit annoying to wait for my sandwiches to be made right in front of display cases of all sorts of animal flesh, including full chickens. The deli gets a rating of 4 from me.

Gourmet Haven looked very European and very familiar to me, which made it kind of endearing. The store seems to have a number of vegan options, including some organic ones. It also has some items which are usually hard to find but which I really like, like sour cherry compote, high quality jams, and a really good variety of dark chocolates. Although it has good veg options, the store could be more vegan friendly; e.g., both Amy burritos they carried had cheese. The store gets a 7 from me.

I am giving it an extra point though for having free wireless and a quiet seating area.

Hong Kong Grocery in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jan 21 07

rating star

I was like a kid in a candy store when I discovered Hong Kong Grocery. They carry so many vegan items that are both yummy and reasonably priced! My favorite so far are the chive/soy dumplings (buy them frozen and cook them at home when you want a quick meal), the sticky rice with red bean paste balls, and the dry black fungus (I used to get this in Chinese restaurants but I've never been able to buy it; I had assumed it was super expensive, but it's very cheap at Hong Kong Grocery!). The tea is super cheap too. I'm sure you'll find something that you'll really like here; there is so much good stuff!

I'm not giving it a higher rating because they do sell a lot of meat and fish (which smells pretty badly), and they have virtually no organic items.

Lalibela in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jan 23 08

rating star

I appreciated the fact that their sandwich board placed outside the restaurant says "Lunch Buffet: Vegetarian and more" and that out of the 11 dishes available for lunch 9 of them were vegan. The food here was not as good as Ethiopian food in the Twin Cities area, but not as bad as some Ethiopian food I had in other places. It was too bland and oily to be great. But it was edible.

Mamoun's Falafel Restaurant in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jun 22 08

rating star

I was excited when I walked into this place. It's cool-looking (nice colorful stain glass lights on the ceiling and lots of plants climbing on the window and the ceiling). And about half the menu is vegan! There are lots of options and I was eager to try a bunch. We had the pumpkin soup, the falafel sandwich, the masdook sandwich, and a Moujedrha dish. The good thing is that they were cheap! The bad thing is that they were very bland. I'd probably go back if I wanted a cheap falafel ($2.95), but I'd go somewhere else if I wanted something tasty.

Royal India in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Dec 18 06

rating star

Update: I found out that my dessert was not vegan (the ball is made of milk powder). Given that I've told the waiter that we didn't eat any dairy (and he double checked with me at one point too), it's disappointing to hear that he brought us a dessert filled with dairy...

They brought us an appetizer right away, before we even ordered. It consisted of a flat very crispy and flavorful bread and 3 different sauces, all of which were really delicious. Not too spicy either (I don't have a high tolerance for spicy food). This appetizer was really yummy. We ordered two dishes, both of which were good too. At the end, they brought us a free dessert: a bready ball in a sweet syrup. I really liked this too, but after eating it, I realized that I had no idea if it was vegan or not. You might want to ask before they bring it out for you. Overall, this was a good dining experience; the food was yummy, the server was very nice, and the place was nicely decorated (not too fancy and not too simple).

Whitneyville Food Center in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jun 22 08

rating star

For a little neighborhood store, this has a surprisingly good selection of vegan, vegetarian, and organic options. To give it a higher rating, I would like to see more vegan options. Silk Plus (with DHA) soy milk would be good for example. Replacing Tofuti ice cream with So Delicious Purely Decadent ones would also be a good idea (and it would lead to more sales).

The store has a nice neighborhood feel; the sales people are very friendly and seem to know their customers by name.

You can put in special orders (e.g. I have ordered a case of Silk Plus soy milk a few times).

Karyn's Cooked in Chicago, Illinois
May 23 05

rating star

The desserts are really awesome! They have lots and lots of vegan cakes and pies. The one I tried -- the German Chocolate cake -- was very good and rich. Everyone I was there with really liked the place. I am not sure if I like it. I love the fact that all the food is vegan and that they have great desserts. But I was not overly impressed with the food, which may simply be because I don't care much for American food (although their mac and "cheese" was very good). And I find the atmosphere of the place a bit pompous and not very comfortable. I also thought it was expensive for the type of food you get (e.g. sandwiches or wraps). But hey, all the food is vegan, and other people seem to really like it so I would take a group of people there if I was to decide where we want to go.

MOM's Organic Market in Rockville, Maryland
Jun 18 08

rating star

I was super impressed with this store! They had everything I could possibly wish for! In addition to all the usual items you find in a grocery store (most of which are organic), they have a lot of hard-to-find stuff, like vegan marshmallows, 8 kinds (!) of Sheese (the awesome awesome vegan cheese), unusual tofus, all sorts of yummy snacks, and soy milks, herbal teas and chocolate I haven't seen anywhere else, etc. And they had a huge variety of products!! I doubt there is something you want that they don't have. They also had a lot of samples which was really nice. I was also very impressed with their produce section: very fresh and yummy. The only disadvantage is that it's not on the metro line; I really wish it was.

I've been dreaming about this grocery store ever since I've been there a few days ago. It's really great.

The Vegetable Garden in Rockville, Maryland
Jun 20 07

rating star

The food I had here was good and I really appreciate the organic emphasis. There were a lot of dishes on the menu that looked really tempting; I'll go back and try some of them! I went with a big group and they seemed quite satisfied with their food.

They also have huge photographs of vegetables on the wall: like a 4 foot broccoli and 5 foot asparagus. They are very professionally done and very cool; I liked them anyway.

The service was very attentive.

Harmony Food Co-op in Bemidji, Minnesota
May 25 05

rating star

Last time I was there (about a year ago) they had all sorts of yummy vegan stuff and even vegan chocolate on sale. It was a great stop on our way back to Minneapolis; it was easy to find various great vegan snacks for the trip!

Babani's in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 17 05

rating star

Yes, the vegan soup and the bread are excellent. I also really liked the tabouli. None of the other dishes we had (I went with a group and we tried pretty much all the vegan dishes) struck me as being great but they were all pretty good. Another reason I'm giving them a 7 is that they don't have any vegan desserts and I like having something sweet when I go out.

Blue Nile in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 31 06

rating star

I like Ethiopian food but the food here is not as good as that at the Red Sea or Kilimanjaro Cafe. However, Blue Nile is much more beautifully decorated than the other Ethiopian places I've been to (and more expensive I think) and it might be a better place to go with non-veg friends or family. It depends on what you're going for... I prefer going to the other two places; they're more casual, the food is better, they're cheaper and they're closer to the University.

Cafe Brenda in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 28 04

rating star

There are very very few vegan options here, the atmosphere is way too fancy for my taste, the servers way too snobbish, and the portions way way too small and pricey.

I went there with a bunch of friends for my birthday. They thought it was vegetarian...what a disaster!

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 7 04

rating star

The most outstanding item here is the tofu custard dessert. It is so so delicious! It's apparently too sweet for some people and too weird looking for others but I think it's just heavenly. It resembles Creme Brule, which used to be one of my favorite desserts when I was younger. I thought there just cannot be a vegan version of Creme Brule (it's made up almost entirely of sugar and eggs). But here it is: the vegan version of Creme Brule and it's delicious! Ask for extra syrup if you are like me and like it extra sweet. This dessert will lift you up after you've filled yourself up with tons of yummy food.
For some reason, I have way more fun here when I come with a lot of people. I think I get bored of my food when I come with only one other person, but if I get to eat a bit of everything, I leave very very satisfied.

Gopher Express in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 9 06

rating star

It's really really great to be able to buy vegan jerky, vegan cookies, Cliff bars, soy milk, vegan bean burritos, soup, fresh wraps and sandwiches, vegan chocolate covered raisins, and Tofutti Cuties in Coffman!! Life in Coffman and on campus is a lot better since Gopher Express has decided to carry so many vegan options!
And the manager has been great at soliciting suggestions from vegans and vegetarians and following up on our suggestions right away. If there is a product that you'd like them to carry you should let her know; she is very nice.
I wish they carried even more vegan and vegetarian food but I am happy to see that they are constantly bringing in new products (the latest being the super yummy Alternative Bakery cookies)!

Gopher Express West in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 12 05

rating star

After the renovations, Gopher Express West opened with a whole new range of veg food! They carry a ton of vegan and vegetarian stuff, including the newly added Holy Land products. They are cheap, filling and yummy. They also carry ABC cookies (which are absolutely fantastic -- you must try them!) and veggie jerky, both displayed at eye level in great locations. The vegan food they carry is carefully chosen (they carry some of the best products around), reasonably priced, fresh, well advertised, and well displayed. Gopher Express and Gopher Express West should be regarded as role models for other campus stores across the country.

Gopher Spot in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 9 06

rating star

Gopher Stop didn't seem to have quite as many options as Gopher Express or Gopher Express West, but it still has quite a number of vegan items for a campus convenience store: pita bread and hummus, Cliff and Luna bars, veg jerky, silk soy milk (but only in tiny little plastic bottles), Amy's organic burritos, etc. Gopher Stop is smaller than the other two but, unlike the other two, it has a huge section dedicated to nasty cheap candy instead of filling, healthy food.

Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 17 05

rating star

Update: I used to give Hard Times an 8 because it was too smokey but since it's now non-smoking I think it fully deserves a 9.

I really like Hard Times Cafe! All their food is vegetarian, it's reasonably priced, it's very close to campus, and the people there are never snobbish! They always have a ton of vegan options, including vegan omlets, gyros, falafel plates, tacos, rice and vegetables, soups, salads, burgers, pancakes, muffins, and cookies. Plus they are a co-op and they once made brownies for our group (CAA-UMNTC) to give out to students for free!

Hong Kong Noodles in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 11 05

rating star

The lunch specials include two vegetarian dishes: mock duck vegetable and tofu with vegetables. Each of them comes with steamed rice, soup and egg rolls, and each combo is $4.50 which is really cheap. But the soup has pork in it and the egg rolls have...eggs. Furthermore, the dishes themselves are not very good at all. I was pretty hungry but I had a hard time finishing the what was on my plate. I have only tried the lunch specials so it's possible that other dishes are slightly better.
I suppose if you're really hungry and want something very cheap, it's not horrible, but it comes pretty close to it.

Joe's Market and Deli in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 17 04

rating star

I live close to Joe's but go there rarely; they just don't sell a lot of stuff that I want to buy when I am so close to home. They do have soy milk but it's really expensive and they have produce but it's not organic, which is important to me personally. They also seem to carry fewer and fewer vegan options (e.g. they no longer seem to carry Decadent Soy Delicious ice cream, vegan halvah, graham cracker pie crusts, and Tofutti cream cheese).
I love their black olives, figs, and garlic dip though. In addition to what Robin pointed out, they have Clif bars, Luna bars, Tofutti Cuties, sorbets, vegan bean burritos, various types of olives, hummus, pita, and cheap jars of grape leaves.

K-wok in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 16 04

rating star

For $5 you can eat spring rolls, rice, green beans, fried tofu in black bean sauce, watermelon, cantaloupe, and macaroons until you are super full! Most of the vegetables were overcooked but the green beans were excellent. The tofu and the spring rolls were very good: simple but flavorful. Be careful though when you pick your spring rolls; there are two kinds of spring rolls in the same pan; one kind is vegan (the wider ones) but the other kind have meat.
I was very happy that they had a vegan dessert. The macaroons were delicious and I made sure I stuffed myself with them before leaving.
The decor is very simple, even ugly, but the food is pretty good for the price you're paying. They also get extra points for being so close to the west bank and letting you sit there for a long time and eat as much as you want.

King and I Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 4 04

I helped someone organize a conference and she wanted to have a family style prepaid dinner at the King & I (she wanted to be sure that we only spend a certain amount per person). For large groups, they have set menus on their web site and none of them are vegan or even vegetarian. But when I called them to talk about changing these menus to meet our needs, they seemed very very willing to change any set menu to make it vegan-friendly. I was pretty impressed by how willing they were to accommodate me and I would recommend them to people who want a family style dinner that has a fixed price. I think you need to call in advance though to make arrangements.

Mai Village in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 23 05

rating star

In addition to the dishes that you can find in their "vegetarian" section, they have a few other vegetarian and vegan dishes such as "sauteed mock duck (or tofu) salad" which you can find under the "Vietnamese Specialties" section. This salad, by the way was not great, but the vegetarian spring rolls were excellent.

Mai Village is beatiful and much more upscale than I was expecting. Everything from the chairs to the menus to the blinds is beautiful and different than what you see at most restaurants.

In addition, the owner has a collection of gorgeous Vietnamese furniture and decorative objects upstairs. If you want to see it, take the elevator to the second floor or ask your server.

In spite of being fairly upscale, the dishes are pretty reasonably priced. A vegetarian entree ranges from $6.50 to $7.95. I liked this place and I would give them a higher ranking if they had more vegan dishes on their menu.

Mim's Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 9 06

rating star

The falafel is indeed delicious! The falafel balls are crispy and freshly made, the pita is warm and yummy, and the sauce and garnishes are very tasty!

North Country Co-op in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 30 03

rating star

I really like North Country Co-op. It's a workers' co-op, which is great! I also really like the fact that they are so close to the university; if you take classes on the West bank, all you have to do is cross the street and get tons of yummy vegan food. They have pretty much all I need there: lots of fruits and vegetables, breads, soy milk, cookies, chocolate, rice, spices, soy ice cream, and even fresh soup, spinach pies, and salads. Recording prices for bulk items and fruits and vegetables doesn't bother me at all. It might be a bit weird in the beginning but you really get used to it and it helps you remember how much you pay for your food. Another advantage is that if you work there a few hours a month you get a big discount. You should really check this place out, especially if you go to University of Minnesota!

The Red Sea Nightclub, Bar, and Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 14 05

rating star

Great food! The veggie sampler is all vegan and it's very yummy. It is also reasonably priced and filling. All the Ethiopian restaurants have great food, but I like the food at the Red Sea the most.

St. Martin's Table in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 23 05

rating star

I just discovered that all the bread they serve, including the bread in the "vegan" sandwiches, has honey in it! Furthermore, the vegan soup (which is not very filling without the bread) comes with bread that has butter not on the side, but on top!

Even before I knew that their bread has honey in it, I was not crazy about their food. They primarily serve soups, salads, and sandwiches and their sandwiches consist of only bread, spread and sprouts. Their salads are ok but they're nothing special. Their soups are more interesting and tend to be tastier too and their apricot and cherry nectars are great! But they almost never have vegan desserts which is really bad because I love sweets!

I should note that a lot of my vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends like this place a lot more than I do. I guess if you are not vegan and you study at University of Minnesota, St. Martin's is an ok, quiet place that's convenient to get to. And they support a lot of good causes. But there is almost nothing I would like to eat there.

Udupi Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 27 04

rating star

I always order something that I never eat otherwise (that I would have no idea how to cook at home) and everything I have had here has been very good! And the vegan items are really well-marked! The waiters have always been very nice. I didn't think they were pushy at all...maybe because I'm pretty firm about what I want and what I don't want. The only reason why I don't eat here more often is because it's too expensive for my budget and too far away from my place.

Village Wok in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 26 04

rating star

I think that this is a good place to eat at on/near the campus. It's fairly cheap, the food is pretty good, and the service is super super quick. I recommend the sweet and sour tofu.

Better Burger - Murray Hill in Manhattan, New York City
Jun 4 06

rating star

I am not crazy about fast food, but this was a convenient place to go to since it's near Grand Central Station. I tried both the veggie burger and the soy burger and they were both pretty good; if you want something that tastes more like meat, try the soy burger. What I liked the most was their wasabi sauce; you can get as much as you want from the condiments bar. It's nice that they do deliveries by bike, and that they only use vegan mayo even for their non-veg burgers.

Two Boots - Grand Central Station in Manhattan, New York City
Jan 31 09

rating star

I had a slide of the Mother Earth pizza as well, but I didn't particularly like it, but pizza is not my favorite type of food for sure. They warmed up my slice, but it was still only lukewarm. The crust was really thick; like a slide of bread. Then came the tomato sauce which tasted very much like black pepper which was pretty much the only flavor the pizza had. Then a bunch of roasted veggies which didn't have much taste. I couldn't finish my slice, so I put it in a plastic bag in my backpack. Later, when I finished eating it, I noticed a couple of garlic cloves which gave it more taste and led me to give this place two stars instead of one. (I should also mention that my slice wasn't dry; it was moist enough.) I doubt I'd ever order this again; I'll keep getting a falafel at Grand Central Station, or go a block or two and get a veggie burger and fries.

Uptown Juice Bar in Manhattan, New York City
Nov 29 07

rating star

This place is awesome! They have *a lot* of different dishes, and they are all ready to be served! They scoop various dishes into your plate (I think you get 4 different kinds for the big plate). But unlike similar places, the food is not luke warm; it's hot and very very yummy! I also had one of their fresh juices and it was very flavorful!

They have a huge variety of food (maybe 20 + dishes) as well as vegan desserts and other baked stuff. They definitely get points for that.

The front part of the restaurant is really tiny, but at the back they have a seating area. I suggest sitting there and eating your food hot. Even though the place was super crowded, there was a lot of seating at the back.

It's really close to the train station which was really convenient for me; I wasn't expecting to find a vegan place so close. I would give them a 9 because they only seem to have disposable plates and forks, but they are SO cheap for New York, that I think I'm going to stick to giving them a 10.

Nick and Nates Pizza in Sylva, North Carolina
Jul 24 06

rating star

I went to Nick and Nates with a very large group, and most people ordered vegetarian pizzas. They looked very good, and people seemed happy with them. I ordered a vegan pizza which took a while to come, but it was pretty good. While waiting, I also had a very small salad, which looked fine but tasted awful (like it was moldy). My vegan pizza was good, but I'm reluctant to describe them as vegan-friendly though since they don't have one single vegan item on the menu (other than salad).

Economy Shoe Shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Oct 23 05

rating star

I liked the Economy Shoe shop. There were not a lot of vegan options but the dishes I had -- oven roasted potatoes and the mango papaya salad -- were very good. The tea came in a pot so it stayed hot which was important to me since I was soaking wet from walking in the rain for a while. But I wouldn't give this place more than a 4/10 if it wasn't for the atmosphere and the prices. The place has an eclectic atmosphere that is both beautiful/cool and comfortable. And for such a great atmosphere, the food was cheap (the potatoes were 3.50 for a big plate and the mango papaya salad was 8 for a huge plate -- much more than I could eat). The service was great too, especially given that I came with a group of 22 people. I can see why this is a local favorite. They just need to carry more vegetarian and vegan options.

Heartwood Bakery and Cafe in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Oct 23 05

rating star

It's not like me to give a vegetarian place a low rating. I was excited to go to Heartwood since it was the only vegetarian I had heard of in Halifax. However, the food there reminded me of the kind of food I used to eat when I first went vegetarian 11 years ago: boring, uninspired, and tasteless. It was expensive too but I didn't mind that since it's organic. The highlight of my trip was supposed to be the experience of trying out all their desserts, which are all vegan. However, they don't let you try a bunch like most pay-by-weight restaurants; you have to purchase whole slices. I tried 4 kinds anyway (I managed to pay just for a bit of each -- you won't be able to do this though). They were all ... like non-vegans imagine vegan food to be: boring, tasteless, and a poor imitation of what it tries to be. E.g. The cookie was bland, dry, and crumbly. And they don't use chocolate in their cheesecake; it's all carob. Aggh. I was so disappointed by their food and their desserts! I left feeling angry and like I had just wasted my money. I found consolation only in the thought that I had been there alone; if I had brought a meat eater, I would have confirmed their worst stereotypes about vegan food. But I think they aim for healthy food not delicious food, so if you're into that you might want to give it a chance.

The Cornerstone in Guelph, Ontario
Aug 6 08

rating star

I was very happy to find a vegetarian restaurant in Guelph, and I was even happier to find out that it's open really late. I ordered the Cornerstone Club sandwich which came with very good seasoned firm tofu, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. It was very very good. I liked the atmosphere too: it was young and hip, and it's in the downtown area which seemed funkier than I had imagined.

Perfection - Satisfaction - Promise in Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 2 07

rating star

They have a ton of vegan desserts including cheesecake, pies, and cakes! Yumm. I like that the vegan options are clearly labeled. However, if you don't eat honey, make sure you ask if the stuff labeled vegan has honey. I tried the chocolate cake, the lemon pie, the carrot cake, and the lemon poppy seed cake. They were all delicious!!

Bo De Duyen in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 30 03

rating star

This has been my favorite restaurant for the last 4 years! I just love this place! It's pretty cheap, there is a huge selection of food (I'd say they have close to 100 dishes -- all vegan!) and almost everything I tried has been great (and I have tried a lot of stuff!).

I took my non-vegetarian parents to this place and at first they kep saying "We didn't immigrate to Canada to come to a place like this where we can't eat any meat. Let's go to a proper restaurant." As soon as they brought the food though, they just kept saying "Wow! This is really good food!" They've come here often and my father even takes out food to eat at work.

My personal favorites are the shrimp rolls, the duck apetizer, diced vegetables with cashewnut, sweet and sour chicken balls, the black sesame pudding, and the coconut shake. They are absolutely yummy! My parents loved the three kinds of mushroom in taro nest because it was both fancy looking and delicious. You can check out their online menu at Note that "pork," "beef," etc. refer to "mock port," "mock beef," etc. Some of the coffee and shakes have condensed milk in them though.

Furthermore, the waiter (owner?), David, is always in and he is super nice! He is helpful and friendly without being pushy and he is very willing to answer questions about anything on the menu.

I often meet with people here because we can hear each other (they don't play annoying music like other places do), the atmosphere is comfortable, and it's never very busy. It's also open really late so you can come here for a late night dinner or yummy shake!

Café 668 in Toronto, Ontario
Jan 8 05

rating star

I've been there with my family twice. The first time everyone really liked their food. The second time we ordered a bunch of things that had the same sauce which was very sweet; I loved the sauce but my family got bored with it easily.

Their Oyster Mushroom with Veggie Duck and Brocoli is amazing. Their Pinneapple Fried Rice is the best that I've ever had. And their sweets -- especially the Deep Fried Banana with Coconut Cream and Peanuts -- are amazing!! You have to have them!

The atmosphere is comfortable; the place is nice looking without being too fancy. Except for except for optional condensed milk with the coffe, everything on the menu is vegan! Yumm!

Ethiopian House in Toronto, Ontario
Jan 2 08

rating star

The vegetarian lunch special is pretty good and reasonably priced, the atmosphere is ok, and the service is good. The dinner special is big enough for 2 people. I personally liked that nothing is too spicy.

Evergreen Natural Foods in Toronto, Ontario
Jan 17 04

rating star

This is a good resource if you live in the area. The main drawback is that they sometimes sell food that has expired months ago! If you are not aware of this, you might pay lots of money for it only to go home and find out that it's rotten. If something is on sale, it's probably very very old.
This place has pretty much everything I need (huge variety of soy milks, Tofutti cream cheese, vegan bread, vegan margarine, Cliff bars, Tropical source chocolate, Tom of Maine toothpaste, etc.) but their selection of fresh fruit and vegetables is really small, especially in the winter. One thing that you might want to check out is the pies they bring from Le Commensal which tend to be pretty fresh.
I think Evergreen is owned by the guy who is almost always there (who has a fantastic memory, by the way). He has really struggled to compete with the bigger stores in the area and to make this a veg friendly place. If you live in the area, this might still be the best place to support in spite of its drawbacks.

Fertile Ground Bookstore in Toronto, Ontario
May 28 06

rating star

Great selection of environmental books, animal friendly books, and veg cookbooks! I like the fact that they are a new independent bookstore; it's worth supporting over the mega-stores like Chapters and Indigo. Really good location too: right in the heart of downtown, within walking distance of everything, including tons of veg restaurants.

Fresh by Juice for Life in Toronto, Ontario
Aug 30 03

This place has fantastic smoothies! The people working here are cool and most of the food is vegan. But the place can get quite busy in the evening which can be a bit annoying because the tables are very close to each other.

Fressen in Toronto, Ontario
Aug 2 03

rating star

This place is beautiful! I especially love the way they decorated the ceiling. This is the most elegant and artsy restaurant in Toronto; I like to take my more artsy friends and my picky family members there. The portions are small and rather expensive but very yummy! We were all happy with what we ordered. While we were waiting for our dinner, they also brought us a lot of fancy bread with a really yummy vegan spread for free, which made the whole dinner more filling.

Happy Buddha in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 13 07

rating star

This restaurant is perfect for a date or for bringing your parents out to a nice dinner. It has beautiful furniture, gorgeous lamps, artistic photographs on the walls, and a nice intimate atmosphere.

Having a large, almost completely vegan menu to choose from was great too. The food was good too. The desserts were fantastic. The vegan cheesecake is among the very best I ever ate. The service was great too.

If you are just hungry, and don't care about the atmosphere, I would recommend Bo De Duyen; the food is cheaper there and the atmosphere is more casual (and the food just a tiny bit better, I think). If you want a more elegant atmosphere, go to Happy Buddha.

Hibiscus in Toronto, Ontario
Aug 12 08

rating star

I had the Hibiscus Special which consists of soup and a selection of all 8 of their salads, which was $7.50. The soup was great -- cold mango melon soup, perfect for a hot day like today. I didn't like any of the salads though, but I'm not a big fan of salads in general. I tried their pistachio strawberry cookie and it was very yummy. They have a huge selection of vegan ice creams, and although I was on my way to dinner, I couldn't resist getting some. I got coconut and earl gray. The coconut was very yummy, and the earl gray was fantastic! My family tried it too and my dad (who is not vegan) seemed to get addicted to it.

Quiet, nice atmosphere, pretty good service, VegNews magazines to browse while waiting, fantastic soup, organic and fair traded teas and coffee, good vegan options, excellent selection of vegan desserts (ice cream, cookies, brownies, all made on location)!

I would definitely love to come back here for the quiet atmosphere and the desserts!

Kensington Natural Bakery & Café in Toronto, Ontario
Aug 30 03

rating star

The good thing here is that you don't have wait for the food to be cooked which is a big advantage for me because when I realize I am hungry I have to eat right away and I can't stand waiting. Unfortunately the food is ok but not great. The desserts on the other hand are very yummy! There is a fairly large variety of desserts and most of them (all of them?) are vegan! You can also buy a whole vegan pie to take home and munch on it later.

King's Cafe in Toronto, Ontario
Aug 13 08

rating star

The food is very good and the atmosphere is nicer than Bo De Duyen's or Buddha's. The King's Vegetable Soup is amazing! It has all sorts of mock meats, mushrooms, veggies, etc. The menu makes it clear what's vegan and what's not. They also carry some vegan desserts. The servers were very attentive.

I should also note that they have a store in the back that sells lots of other vegetarian stuff, including amazing mock meat products!

Le Commensal in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 25 04

rating star

I can't really afford eating a full meal at Le Commensal but it's good to come here when you are in a hurry, not sure what to eat, or with a large group of people (especially if they arrive and leave at different times).
The fact that you get to serve yourself means that you can taste a little bit of every vegan dish they have. But recently they only had a couple of vegan desserts in the pay-by-weight section and even these are not very good. But they just added Soy Delicious ice creams, including fancy little ones which are ultra delicious! If you want an ice cream, you have to order them separately or you can grab the one you want out of the cooler that's by the door.

Live Organic Food Bar in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 11 06

rating star

I like the way this place is decorated; it's so colorful and happy! The portions are small for what you pay but the food was very good. The service was also good. My parents -- who are not vegetarian -- were quite impressed by it.

Lotus Garden in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 26 04

rating star

I want to really like the Lotus Garden! First of all, it's all vegan! It also has nice service, a great location and a very tempting list of dishes. But I tend not to love their food. The Buddha Delight Soup is my favorite but the Deep Fried Wonton, the Wonton soup, and the Jicama Rolls are also good. Other dishes I've had need improvement in my opinion. But it's possible it's my taste buds that need improvement because when I ate there with friends, they've been very satisfied.

LPK's Culinary Grove in Toronto, Ontario
May 26 08

My friends, who are both vegan, have just decided to order their wedding cake from them (they're having a vegan wedding). They were really pleased with LPK's commitment to sustainable practices, but they also really liked the taste (they did a taste sample). They're very enthusiastic about LPK's. Their cake is going to have little bikes on it, which I think is cool.

Noah's Natural Foods in Toronto, Ontario
Mar 16 07

rating star

This is a small health food store, but it has a good selection of vegetarian food. Great location too; right next to the subway stop and near UofT. They have a good bulk section at pretty decent prices too.

Pulp Kitchen Juicebar and Healthy Eatery in Toronto, Ontario
Feb 18 06

rating star

I went there for brunch with a couple of friends and we were all satisfied with our food. I thought it was cute that the waiters wore a shirt that said "Vegetarians taste better" on the back. From what I recall, they also have some cookbooks that you can look through while you wait for your food to come, which is a nice idea.

Sushi on Bloor in Toronto, Ontario
Dec 30 07

rating star

Sushi on Bloor has amazing lunch specials. For $5.99 you get a fair bit of sushi, a soup, salad, and unlimited tea! And the food is really good! The soup is hot and the salad has an awesome dressing -- the best thing I've ever had. The oyster mushroom sushi is super yummy and the (very crunchy, tempura) sweet potato sushi is surprisingly delicious! If you order off the menu instead of going for a special, try the sushi hand rolls.

I really enjoy going here; it's so cheap for the quantity and quality of the food you get! I'm just not giving it a higher rating because it does have a lot of fish options. I wish it was (even) more veg-friendly.

Sweets From the Earth in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 13 07

rating star

Their sweets are absolutely delicious! I have tried a bunch of their stuff (at Vegetarian Haven and a couple of other local restaurants), and I was never disappointed. Their (vegan) cheesecake in particular is absolutely amazing! It has the perfect texture and taste. Everyone else I know loves their stuff as much as I do.

Vegetarian Haven in Toronto, Ontario
Mar 25 07

rating star

This is a wonderful place! I was impressed with the large selection of food, 99.9% of which is vegan, the good food, and the fact that they had "Why Vegan" pamphlets on a table that you see right when you go in.

The ambiance is also very nice, somewhat fancy but not too fancy. The food quality can range from very yummy to bland. My Buddha Delight Seitan dish was delicious, flavorful, and filled with a variety of fancy, expensive mushrooms, which were excellent. The fake sea food appetizers and dishes -- especially the king prawns -- are all really good too. But I have also tried other dishes that seem to try too hard to be healthy and are not very flavorful.

The desserts -- made by Sweets from the Earth -- are amazing!! They have the best desserts ever! Their chocolate fudge cake (including the wheat-free one), their German chocolate cake (with a scoop of nondairy ice cream), their carrot cake, and their blueberry pie (with a scoop of ice cream too) are all really really yummy. The cheesecake is made with tofutti cream cheese not tofu; it's really really good. And the pina colada smoothie is amazing!

Every time I've gone there, everyone else at the table liked their food and loved the desserts too!

Whole Foods Market in Toronto, Ontario
Aug 25 04

rating star

This has such a large selection of vegan and vegetarian products! My main complaint is that last time I was there the fresh fish section was way too near the fruit section. I also didn't care for the cheese placed on top of some fruit. And of course this is a big chain. But this is the store with the largest selection of vegan and vegetarian food in Toronto that I know of, and it's thus a great resource! You can pretty much find anything you want there!

Morning Glory Café in Eugene, Oregon
Nov 17 13

rating star

I'm in love with this place! I was only in Eugene for a day and I went to Morning Glory twice. The breakfast dish I had was excellent (although huge!). What I really really liked about it was that it came with lots of vegan options: vegan sour cream, gravy, vegan butter, etc. For bread, you had 4 choices (including dill roll and biscuits) and all were vegan! At no extra charge (some of the vegan options were in fact cheaper).

The highlight of my trip to Eugene though were the sweets I had at Morning Glory. I had two pecan tarts (so yummy!). I also had a franspange: a tart with marzipan filling + blueberries and raspberries. They had lots of Halloween cookies , vegan banana bread, chocolate coffee cookies, biscottis (!), cinnamon rolls, and smores cupcakes!

Morning Glory is also right next to the train/bus station, so was super convenient for me.

I'd love to live near Morning Glory. I'd go there all the time!

The Iron Grill at McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon
May 26 06

rating star

For vegetarians, this place is ok although it is kind of expensive. But for vegans, it's not too great since there are only 2 vegan options (if you exclude the salads). However, I was glad that they had something vegan at least and that the food tasted decent. My server was vegan too, which was nice since she could explain what was vegan and what wasn't. They have free wireless service, which is a plus. If you stay at the Grande Lodge or at the Best Western next door (which has a microwave and a fridge in the room), you might want to just walk over to Safeway, which is not too far, and get yourself cheaper vegan food.

Maggie's Buns in Forest Grove, Oregon
Nov 15 07

rating star

For vegetarians, this is a probably good place to go to. For vegans, it's not so good. Occasionally, they have 2 vegan dishes, but more often than not, they have none. They don't even have vegan soups, which are the easiest thing to make. And I have never seen vegan desserts.

It seems like they could try a bit harder, especially since they are next to a campus that is trying to be well-known for its sustainability. Making vegan soups, entrees, and desserts is easy nowadays, especially with all the advice out there on the internet, and all the products available.

If I wanted to get a cup of tea or a smoothie, this would be a great place to go and hang out. I love the atmosphere! It's so so happy and funky. And you can always discover something new and interesting there!

If they had more vegan options, this would get the highest ranking of any coffee shop I rated. But unfortunately, they don't...

Back to Eden Bakery Boutique in Portland, Oregon
Dec 10 12

rating star

This bakery is really awesome!! I've been to all the vegan bakeries in Portland, and many around the country (e.g. Sticky Fingers, etc) and this is by far the best!

They've got lots and lots of super yummy sweets -- such as cupcakes, cookies, fruit tarts, cakes, cream pie, fudge!, truffles, macaroons, danishes, etc -- plus savory stuff like quiche and calzones. Plus fair trade organic Italian sodas, soft serve (different kinds), ice cream sundaes and lots of vegan specialty items. I love the variety here!

Everything I tried -- including a whole bunch of cakes, pies, fudges, and other sweets -- has been absolutely great: great taste, great texture, etc.

In addition to the sweets, I'd highly recommend the cashew savory tart. It's really delicious and flavorful, and not something that you can easily make at home.

Two notes: 1) I don't care about the fact that so much of their stuff (all?) is gluten free, so that's not affecting my rating at all. 2) Lots of people think they don't have a bathroom, but they do; it's in the back.

I love this place! I just wish it was near my house or my work. I'd love to go there all the time! They should open a second location downtown or on the west side.

Bay Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant in Portland, Oregon
Dec 10 12

rating star

I really liked the food here. I ordered something with unusual mushrooms at the recommendation of a friend, and the dish was delicious! I thought the atmosphere was great too! The windows are very large, so the room was nicely lit with natural sunlight, and the interior decorations were elegant. I'd definitely bring my family here next time they are in town. The service was great too.
Update: I went there again. The food was so so this time. My friends love this place though. I'd definitely return, but I'm giving them 4 stars not 5.

Black Sheep Bakery in Portland, Oregon
Aug 28 07

rating star

I had some of their muffins at the Animal Law conference at Lewis & Clark and they were very yummy! I was also thrilled to see their booth at the Portland Farmers Market. They have such a large selection! It took me about 15 minutes to pick something. I tried the macaroon (a little weird but good), the chocolate hazelnut bread pudding (very good as a breakfast treat), and a fruit thing that was super super yummy!

About a year ago, I was very excited to give this vegan bakery a try (don't the pictures look amazing?!) and I emailed them to find out how much a cake would cost, hoping to order a vegan birthday cake. But they never got back to me! :-(

Blossoming Lotus in Portland, Oregon
Nov 18 07

rating star

I went to Blossoming Lotus a few times and I thought this place was very good. I am giving it a high rating because: 1) the food I tried was very good, 2) it's all vegan, and 3) it's affordable for the kind of food you get (organic, etc). The service was also very good too; the people we ordered from were funny and they seemed honest. I would definitely go back!

They also carry vegan soft-serve ice cream which is SO good! It's also very reasonably priced! I feel like going there every day to see what new flavor they have and to try them all. I tried a bunch of them already. They are all so so yummy! And you can get a fair bit for $1! I also tried the chocolate fudge and it was very delicious: very very chocolaty. Yumm.

Blossoming Lotus in Portland, Oregon
Mar 24 10

rating star

I am giving it a high rating because the food is all vegan, it's organic, and pretty healthy. But I am not fond of raw food; I'm not prejudiced against it; it's more that I didn't like most things I tried and I find it expensive and the portions are usually small. I do like the cooked food at Blossoming Lotus though. And the place looks nice and it's fairly conveniently located (on two bus lines; you can also walk from Lloyd Center to it in about 10-15 min).

The Daily Grind in Portland, Oregon
Nov 25 06

rating star

Super cool grocery store! It has a huge bakery section filled with vegan baked goods (I think most of the stuff they carry is vegan), and a ton of really cool products! The ice cream section is fantastic; they have fun stuff like vegan monkey bars and other goodies. They carry a lot of other hard to find things as well as all the basics. I think I could get whatever I wanted there! And the whole place is vegetarian (except the cat and dog food I think), which is really really nice.

Dalo’s Kitchen in Portland, Oregon
Oct 28 07

rating star

The food here was so so. Those who are used to getting the vegetarian platters at Ethiopian restaurants will be disappointed to get only 4 dishes: red lentils, split peas, cabbage mix, and green salad; there was no spinach or green bean dish. The cabbage dish was a bit oily for my taste too, but overall the food was pretty good (certainly better than other Portland Ethiopian restaurants that I've heard of). However, it was really cheap; you get a ton of food for $8.99: enough to fill two people for sure.

The service was ok, but very slow.

Food Fight! in Portland, Oregon
Dec 15 07

rating star

I just visited Food Fight! at their new location and I was very happy! They do have a number of cool vegan treats like vegan honey, gummy bears, jerky, nougat (addictive!), smores (they are SO good!), coconut chocolate bars, the new vegan cream, and fancy cheeses. I was pretty impressed.

They also had some things that you'd find at other stores - lip balm, frozen entrees, shampoo, etc. -- but it seems way nicer to get it here and not have to look at labels.

And I liked the fact that they carried bread, soy milk, fruits, and veggies (which were all organic, by the way). It gave me an excuse to go there (um, I'm just going to get the basics), and then of course, I got a bunch of sweets! I can't wait for Sweetpea to open too!

Food for Thought Cafe in Portland, Oregon
Nov 25 06

rating star

Food for Thought is a very cool place. I was impressed by how many vegan options they had; I think all their baked good, for example, were vegan when I went there. And everything was so cheap! And they are serving organic, and locally produced stuff. Very cool. I really liked the atmosphere too. It was busy and lively, and yet, I was able to get lots of work done. The people there seemed really cool and the few conversations I overheard were actually interesting. The food was so so, but I only tried one dish, so I definitely plan to go back and try more.

This is a definitely a place worth supporting, and that's easy to do because going there was a very pleasant experience.

The Healthy Bread Store: Dave's Killer Bread in Portland, Oregon
Oct 15 06

rating star

Dave's killer bread seems to have some loyal customers for good reasons: it's yummy, healthy, organic, and vegan! My favorite are the 21 Whole Grains and the Blues; they're awesome.

India Direct in Portland, Oregon
Dec 13 07

rating star

The store seemed to have a wide variety of Indian products, spices, ingredients, etc., including a lot of things I was not familiar with, as well as ready-to-eat stuff like canned and frozen Indian entrees and desserts, and drinks. And it's great that it's all vegetarian!

The food in the cafe seemed fairly inexpensive. I had a dosa and a lentil soup for $5.45. However, neither were super tasty; they were fine, but nothing special. And they use plastic utensils and paper or Styrofoam plates. The one thing I did like about the cafe is that it has an open kitchen, so you can watch the cook make the food.

I'd give the store a 9 and the cafe a 6, but I don't know much about Indian food, so someone who is more knowledgeable should review it.

India House in Portland, Oregon
Oct 13 07

rating star

The food here was pretty good, although somewhat expensive for me... I am no expert in Indian food, but some of the people I had dinner with really like Indian food and they really like going there, so I guess it's pretty good. The waitress was knowledgeable about vegan items and very helpful.
They lose points for not having any vegan desserts. I ended up ordering a cherry naan though which was very good.

Kalga Kafe in Portland, Oregon
Nov 27 06

rating star

Kalga is located in a beautiful space; the wall towards the street is curved and full of big, spacious windows. The place is nicely decorated inside too, with copper colors, interesting paintings and candle lights. I was impressed with the atmosphere; it seemed a bit too fancy for me, but a great place to go out for dinner with certain other people (parents, colleagues, or a date).

But I was not super impressed with the food. It was ok or good, but not great; not great enough for the price anyway. It was somewhat expensive for me ($10-12/dish) and all the dishes I tried (three - Asian stir fry, a Thai dish, and an Indian dish) were very small for the price paid and they were mostly rice (that's the part that made the meal substance). They also had some normal veggies (e.g. carrots) or tofu; nothing that would, in my opinion, justify the price. The service was pretty bad when I was there (our server seemed absent minded and a bit cranky), but I've only been there once.

Karam Restaurant in Portland, Oregon
Jun 19 13

rating star

The food here is really yummy, but there are not a lot of vegan options.
They have a small vegetable section on the menu, which is mostly vegan (or can be easily made vegan), as well as other vegan dishes scattered across other sections on the menu (e.g. 3 strews in the "stew" menu are vegan).
But the dishes I tried were really good! I had Fatee (layers of crispy bread, eggplant, pine nuts, etc.) which was great! I For dessert, I got katayef bil-jos, which is a pancake filled with walnuts and dipped in syrup. It's super yummy! I think they also have vegan baklava!

Laughing Planet in Portland, Oregon
Jan 16 10

rating star

I've only been here once. It seemed decent, but nothing special. I ordered a Cuban Bowl which was the most interesting thing on the menu, but it was just ok; it was a bit bland and really something I could make at home with little effort. The place looked like a funky little place, but the menu seemed pretty boring to me.
I thought I'd mention that I went there with a friend and her two kids; she *loves* this place and so do her kids.

Loving Hut in Portland, Oregon
Nov 17 13

rating star

They have flan!! The flan was excellent. And it was exactly like non-vegan flan. Soooo good! Cheap too ($2.50). I'd probably go back for the flan alone. They also have cheesecake and carrot cake.

The food was good. But all appetizers and most dishes seem to involve deep fried items. I'm not really into deep fried stuff, although I have to admit that it tastes good. The service was very nice.

New Seasons Market in Portland, Oregon
Apr 10 09

rating star

I love the vegan selections of cakes at New Seasons!! They have a whole bunch of vegan cakes. Last time I was at this location, I got the vegan brownie cheesecake: cheesecake with brownie and icing. Yumm!
The grocery part of the store is good too. It's huge and they have pretty much any vegan product you'd want.
This location is right on the 54 bus line, which was pretty convenient for me.

New Seasons Market in Portland, Oregon
Oct 12 07

rating star

I love the vegan selections of cakes at New Seasons!! Every time I went there, they had at least 6-7, sometimes a lot more. I tried a few -- the German chocolate cake, the cranberry and the Irish oatmeal -- and they are so good!! I especially loved the cranberry cake: great texture and great taste (a bit sour -- really yummy)! They are irresistible. They also had carrot cake, lemon coconut, mint chocolate, and something with raspberry; I can't remember the rest. You can also get the cake on a plate if you don't want a ton of plastic packaging (you can be tricky like me and ask for the cake on a plate and then put it in your own container if you can't eat it all or you're having 2 slices).

They have a really nice area where you can sit and eat your cake. They have couches and nice tables, real silverware, magazines to look at, and free water.

The grocery part of the store is good too. It's huge and they have pretty much any vegan product you'd want.

I just wish it was all veg ;-) and that it was closer to the max stop (it's about a 10 min. walk, which is not bad, but I would stop there a lot more often if it was closer).

Nhut Quang Vegan Restaurant in Portland, Oregon
Jan 2 08

I have not been there yet, but I just talked to someone who says that "the food was tasty, the portions were large, the prices were low, and the owner was friendly." I've also heard that the waiters didn't speak English well; my friend ended up with a dish that was extremely spicy in spite of asking for non-spicy food.

Nicholas Restaurant in Portland, Oregon
Mar 21 07

rating star

The vegan dishes are nicely labeled on the menu, and they even have a vegan mezza. We were going to get the vegan mezza, but the helpful waitress told us that the vegetarian mezza is vegan except for the tzatziki, and we could get this replaced with tahini sauce. This was a great choice as it included yummy spinach pies, a huge pita bread, hummus, falafels, tahini sauce, tabbouleh and something else which was very good. I really liked everything.

They make everything from scratch on the spot, which is a big plus in my book.

There is no vegan dessert though which was sad. Mostly because of this Nicholas gets an 8 and Ya Hala a 9. But Nicholas is much cheaper. But Ya Hala is fancier. So it depends on what you're looking for.

This place is indeed very popular; it's very crowded inside and when we got there at 7pm on a Tuesday night, and had to wait outside for more than half an hour. So, keep that in mind when you go there.

Nutshell in Portland, Oregon
May 26 08

rating star

Everyone I know raves about this place, including non-vegans. So, I thought I'd give it a try, although I was worried it wouldn't live up to the expectations.

But it did. I was very impressed to hear that the menu changes not just seasonally, but sometimes weekly to accommodate the supply of fresh veggies from local farms; the chef often creates new and interesting dishes! My dinner companions asked about the lasagna they had last time. The waitress said that they didn't have any fresh tomatoes, so they weren't making lasagna right now. But they will get some heirloom tomatoes from a local farm soon, and will be making more lasagna. Wow. Lasagna made with heirloom tomatoes from a local farm!

I also loved that the waitress seemed to *love* working there. She raved about the chef and how great it is to work there. She seemed very genuine too; it didn't seem like a rehearsed speech.

The food was very good. Very creative too. Not your typical dish. I had a Jamaican entree that included lots and lots of different things. The orange stuffed stuffed with yams was amazing!! I also tried the risotto cakes which were good, but it was the appetizers that blew me away. When my friends ordered them, I thought...hmm, these don't sound interesting at all! Why are they ordering them? But they were really awesome. Very very flavorful. One was a beet and apple salad, the other something with red chard and kale. Sounds boring, right? You won't say that after you taste them! The chocolate tart with cashew vanilla sauce was very dense and tasty too. Very intense.

I'd definitely go again and I'd definitely recommend it to someone looking for a place that serve more creative, seasonal, or just plain yummy cuisine.It's a little bit expensive but not overly so (an entree is $12-14; appetizers and desserts are $5-7).

People's Food Co-op in Portland, Oregon
Mar 24 10

rating star

Tons of products I want, organic produce, and some unusual items too that are harder to find. I love their bulk section, but my favorite thing is their "reduced produce bin": it's good for the environment and for people! And most places I shop at don't have one; I really wish they did!

Petunia's Pies & Pastries in Portland, Oregon
Dec 11 11

rating star

Update: I've tried a few more things, including the salted caramel hazelnut brownie, and they were all amazing.

Wow! I'm so impressed. I saw Petunia's stand at the Farmers Market in Portland yesterday and it seemed the everything they had was vegan. I bought a chocolate chip cheesecake and a caramel chocolate coconut cream pie. Both were amazing! The cheesecake had great texture, an excellent crust, and super yummy taste. The caramel in the pie was delicious and very unexpected in a chocolate pie (in a good way). The pie itself was creamy and rich, and chocolaty. The crust was again unexpectedly interesting: it had big crunchy nuts in it and tasted really good. Both slices were pricey, but they were worth it. I'm definitely going back.

Piece of Cake in Portland, Oregon
Dec 13 07

rating star

Wow! These cakes are awesome!! I tried a few -- the German chocolate cake, the cranberry and the Irish oatmeal -- at the New Seasons in Beaverton, and they are so good!! I especially loved the cranberry cake: great texture and great taste (a bit sour -- really yummy)! These cake are irresistible! And the New Seasons in Beaverton had 5-7 vegan cakes from Piece of Cake every time I went there!

Portland Farmers Market in Portland, Oregon
Jun 9 09

rating star

This market is huge and there is a ton of good stuff. For the first stuff half an hour I just wondered aimlessly sampling free stuff. There was so much to sample! I bought a bunch of fruits and veggies that tasted really good and were reasonably priced. It's also nice to chat with the farmers and find out more about how the difference between the various artichokes they sell, learn how to cook their special mushrooms, or hear stories about their cherries. I like Dave's Killer Bread, and the vegan baked goods are yummy too.

Queen of Sheba in Portland, Oregon
Oct 31 06

rating star

We read lots of reviews online before deciding to go to Queen of Sheba. The reviews were excellent. We were very excited about going there. Although the server and the cook were very nice to still serve us food in spite of the fact that we got there at 9PM (we didn't know that they stop serving food then), the visit was a huge disappointment. The food was not yummy at all. I never had Ethiopian food that I didn't like, but I guess there is a always a first. In spite of paying lots of money -- $22 -- for the big veg sampler and being excited about Ethiopian food, I had to force myself to eat the food, and in the end, I had to take some home because I just couldn't eat much. All the dishes were spicy, which I'm not used to. But that was not the only problem; the food had almost no flavor! All the dishes on the our platter -- lots of them -- tasted similar. The flavor that is usually the highlight of Ethiopian food was missing!! The injira was not as fluffy and good as usual either. I was very sad.

I decided to still enter it in the VegGuide because it does offer a lot of vegan dishes and it does have a lot of excellent reviews on other sites. So, maybe I just had a bad experience and someone else will enter a good review. But I would not want to pay $22 again.

Red and Black Cafe in Portland, Oregon
Jun 16 09

rating star

The food was very good. I got a ruben sandwich; the temped was cut into small pieces and marinated (very yummy!) and it came with a cheesy sauce which was also very good. My partner got a hummus sandwich which was great too; much better than your average hummus sandwich. Our friend got the quinoa and kale bowl and she was very happy with it.
The atmosphere was casual and cool, and the bulletin boards were covered with animal friendly and vegan stuff. Being 1 min. away from the Vegan Mini-Mall is also an advantage. :-)

Sweet Lemon Vegan Bistro in Portland, Oregon
Feb 18 12

rating star

- The owner is very friendly and helpful.
- The food is healthier than other similar restaurants (e.g. they have brown rice, a bit less oil, etc)
- The place is pleasant, clean, and quiet
- It's on the west side, where there are not many vegan restaurants
- They have desserts (cakes, pies and cookies)

- Extremely hard to get to with public transportation
- It is run by some religious group.
- The food was good, but not great. I thought the kebobs were good (although kind of expensive), but the potstickers were almost gross (mushy and tasteless). My dish was good, but nothing special. I ordered it because the menu said it will had pineapple in it, but there was no pineapple there. My partner didn't really like his food. I got coconut cake which didn't seem to have any coconut in it except a bit sprinkled on top; it did have coconut flavor and it was still good, but it wasn't really what I expected, and I probably wouldn't get it again.

I wouldn't be opposed to going there again, but I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to go there. If I go there again, I might try a wrap and a different cake, and see how those are.

Sweet Masterpiece in Portland, Oregon
May 5 07

rating star

I tried their vegan blueberry cheesecake and it was good. It was a bit soft, but yummy. It looks quite nice and fancy too; it has a round shape, blueberry glazing, and fresh blueberries sprinkled next to it. But I don't know if I would ever go back to eat it again. It's $9 for a serving! (It's a little bit bigger than a normal slice, but still...)

They have a huge assortment of truffles -- which range in price from $1.50 to $3.50, and they will let you sample them for free. However, there are not too many vegan options, and 1 or 2 times I was there they had nothing vegan other than the truffles -- which are a bit too expensive for me especially since I make them at home all the time. To give them a higher rating, I'd like more vegan options and vegan labels.

Sweetpea Baking Company in Portland, Oregon
Jun 22 08

rating star

I had the most awesome looking cake ever: a cheesecake topped with huge pieces of brownie and frosting! It was pretty cool. I also had a toasted coconut cupcake which was really yummy. Very moist and flavorful. My friends were very happy with what they got too (a slice of coffee cake and a chocolate cupcake). I don't go there very often though even though I am addicted to sweets; I like variety, and as far as I can tell they pretty much always have the same things: cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and cake slices. This is great, of course, since they're all vegan, but to get 5 stars from me they'd need more variety and more unusual stuff (e.g. danishes, Tiramisu, lemon bars, fruit pies, macaroons, raspberry chocolate bars, tarts, etc).

Tao of Tea in Portland, Oregon
May 19 08

rating star

This is a very beautiful restaurant! The benches are fantastic; they are made out of stone, but are also very comfortable. The tables in the center are made out of tea crates. Awesome interior design!

The menu does not say which items are vegan which is one of my small complaints about this place. My second complaint is that the menu is rather small and focused on Indian food. But dishes I had were good. The dessert was fantastic!! It was sticky rice (very sticky) with banana, wrapped and cooked in banana leaves and accompanied by cranberries, mango sauce, and toasted coconut. Very very yummy and very filling!! Highly recommended.

This is a very peaceful place to go to if you want to relax, have a bit of food (the portions are small and they don't have a huge selection) and drink some yummy tea. I wouldn't go there with a large group, or if you're in the mood to be loud and/or obnoxious, or if you are very hungry.

Uwajimaya Beaverton in Portland, Oregon
Apr 11 09

rating star

This place is huge!
And they have a lot of vegetarian and vegan food. My favorites so far are the dumplings -- mushroom dumplings, kimchee dumplings!, leek, and of course the regular vegetable ones. You can also find various unusual items like veggie fish, delicious mushrooms, other fruits and veggies, spices, etc.
I'm just giving them 3 stars for a few reasons.
I didn't totally enjoy digging through pork dumplings and all the smelly meat. And I don't like seeing tons of live lobsters waiting to be bought and boiled alive. I also got a bit frustrated finding seemingly vegan things that were actually not vegan.
They also don't have a ton of organic food; they have some, but you have to really pay attention to spot it among many non-organic varieties.
Veggies and fruit do not come in organic varieties, but of course, you can find more selection of certain veggies and fruit that you don't see in regular stores.
The prices are decent, but don't assume that things will be cheaper; soy milk, for example, is more expensive than the same soy milk at Safeway or Whole Foods.
This is not a place I would go to regularly, but I'll go back once every few months to get a few special things.

Veganopolis in Portland, Oregon
May 20 06

rating star

Their Saturday brunch is affordable and delicious; I had a plate full of food -- vegan sausages, baked potatoes, tofu scramble, bread pudding, biscuits and gravy, -- all for $5. The Irish oatmeal cake was extremely delicious! The double chocolate fudge cake was a bit dry but it was still yummy. Their lunch menu is a bit too focused on sandwiches for my taste but otherwise, they seem great. The food was very good, the servers were super nice, the other customers were mostly young and hip, and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed.

Vege Thai in Portland, Oregon
Aug 19 09

rating star

I ate there tonight with my family, and we had a very good experience. The service was great; very attentive and nice. We started off with the sampler appetizer which comes with mock chicken nuggets, spring rolls, fried tofu, tofu kabob and wonton. The server was nice enough to cut the spring rolls in half, so everyone at the table could have a piece. Everything was excellent. Very yummy! I'd highly recommend getting this sampler. We also had an entree -- veggie beef with broccoli -- which was pretty good, though definitely not amazing. The desserts though were amazing! We had the fried bananas and we also had the sticky rice with roasted coconut. Both were excellent! Yumm! I'm salivating just thinking about them.
We also ordered a Thai salad and let the server know we wanted it mild. When it came we were surprised by hot it was; my mom likes spicy food and even she couldn't eat it. The peanuts on it were also stale. We told the server we couldn't eat it and took it off our bill, which was nice.
Except for the mango salad incident, we had a very good experience.

Vegetarian House in Portland, Oregon
Nov 16 06

rating star

Wow, this menu is huge!! And it's pretty much all vegan! I felt like going up to other people's tables to ask them what they were having; all the food looked so yummy. I was there three times; the food was always good and the servers were very nice. This is a great place to come with a group of people so you can order a bunch of dishes and share. I should note that they also have vegan desserts!! I tried the deep fried banana with red bean paste and I thought it was amazing; it's definitely worth trying if you have a sweet tooth!

Update: I went there for the buffet lunch and it was not great. It was pretty cheap ($6.50 for all you can eat), but there were not a lot of options and the food was very typical -- fried rice, noodles, miso soup, tempura veggies -- and not that yummy. I still like this restaurant a lot, but I don't think it's worth going there for the buffet lunch. Today I decided to buy a pack of faux meat from their freezer: it's a huge and only $8.50!

Veloshop in Portland, Oregon
Oct 11 06

I got a cheap but nice helmet from them. The staff was very nice and friendly, and not pushy at all.

Vita Cafe in Portland, Oregon
May 17 06

rating star

I have not been there for breakfast, which is what everyone raves about, but the dinner was so so. The portions were indeed huge and the service was very good. The place also has a certain endearing quality and I can see it can easily get new fans because of its atmosphere. But all the three dishes I tried at dinner were so so; nothing was bad, but nothing was very good either. I also don't like that the menu doesn't make it clear what's vegan and what's not (which would be easy since the waiters said that almost anything can be made vegan; but some people might not feel comfortable asking). I liked other places in Portland a lot more.

Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon
Jun 9 09

rating star

The chick-o-stick is the best doughnut ever!
They have a pretty good selection of vegan donuts. I have tried a few different ones, including one with coconut on top, one with Oreo pieces on top, and one with chocolate and Bavarian Cream. All were yummy.

Whole Foods Market in Portland, Oregon
Oct 9 07

rating star

Whole Foods has such a large selection of vegan and vegetarian products! You can pretty much find anything you want there. If you are a new vegan, you might be better off going to Food Fight! and getting everything you need there, so you don't need to check labels. However, I know exactly what I need, and I live near Whole Foods, so I just go in and get what I want.

Their bakery and deli is not very vegan friendly, especially if you compare it to New Seasons (where you can find a huge selection of vegan cakes). Here, the selection of vegan stuff is small, and it seems impossible to have a slice of cake without getting a ton of plastic packaging. However, I ordered a chocolate mousse cake from their bakery for my teaching assistant's birthday, and my students -- none of which are vegan -- really liked it! It was rich and chocolaty, just the way it should be.

If you get the Chinook book, you can find 2 coupons for Whole Foods, one for $10 and one for $5, as well as a ton of coupons for vegetarian and vegan products. It's worth getting it! You can get it at Whole Foods; it's next to the cashier.

Ya Hala in Portland, Oregon
Oct 23 06

rating star

I really liked Ya Hala. They have a lot of vegan options and they are really nicely marked on the menu. They seem to be really attentive to vegans, which is great! We tried a few of their dishes -- stuffed baby eggplants, little spinach pies, artichoke hearts, and baklava -- and they were all very tasty. The portions are not huge, so you can try a few things if you want to. I liked the atmosphere in restaurant too and the store next to them; I got a huge can of stuffed grape leaves (63 of them!) for $8 and a few other yummy things. Although it is not all vegetarian, I would highly recommend this place and I would love to go back.

Buffet Maharaja in Montréal, Quebec
Jun 21 07

I saw the picture of all the desserts they have on their web site and I couldn't resist to email them and ask if there are any vegan desserts other than fruit. They responded promptly (which I was impressed by since most restaurants are bad at responding to emails) saying, "Dear valued customer, thank you for visiting our website! We do offer many different kinds of deserts. There are deserts such as the hallawah and the jelapi as well as others that you will be able to eat. Unfortunately, these dishes are not marked, but one of our staff will be happy to help you. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write to us."

I'm looking forward to checking out this place when I go to Montreal!

Chu Chai in Montréal, Quebec
Jul 2 07

rating star

My mom and my sister loved this place. I liked it too, but it was too expensive for my taste. A normal dish was about $14 and the portions were a bit small (medium size really, but for $14, I'd expect more food). The food was tasty though, and I really appreciated that that the whole restaurant is vegetarian and they can make pretty much everything vegan. They also serve vegan desserts; the tapioca pudding was good, but the fried bananas were just ok. The service was also good.

La Bouchée de pain in Montréal, Quebec
Jul 2 07

rating star

I also went to this place thinking that it was all vegan (it was advertised as such on a different web site), so I was disappointed to find out that it's not. I went there in the pouring rain, really excited about getting some yummy vegan pastries. I am not too fond of cookies or scones (which is all they had that was vegan), so I was really disappointed when I got there.

Le Commensal in Montréal, Quebec
Jul 2 07

This Le Commensal is spacious and bright and has lots of tables. The food seems pretty good and they had a good selection of food and desserts, but they had only a couple of vegan desserts. I really wish they made more of an effort to make more vegan desserts.

Pushap La Faim du Monde in Montréal, Quebec
Jul 2 07

rating star

The soup was excellent, but the other dishes were just bland. The service was so so too. I appreciate that it's an all vegetarian restaurant and that the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is fun.

Yuan in Montréal, Quebec
Aug 5 07

rating star

If I could give a better grade than 10, I would. Everything in this restaurant is GREAT!

The food is excellent. The sizzling mushrooms were simply fantastic! Both the flavor and the texture was great; and it's a dish that I would have no idea how to make at home. The mock duck appetizer was really yummy; this included fried seaweed with tofu skin which was a bit salty and really crunchy and yummy, and 'chicken' drumsticks which were perfect. The coconut soup was very flavorful. General Tao chicken was the best I've ever had! The sweet and sour soup was very good too. And the tea was really flavorful jasmine tea, and the server was nice to bring us 3 cups even though we just ordered one. And there were lots of dishes that I would have really really liked to try!

The service was great: very attentive and helpful, and she spoke English very well. The decor of the restaurant was tasteful and interesting. And the best thing of all was that the prices were very reasonable!

I would love to go back to Yuan. I think it's the best restaurant I've ever been to. I like it even more than my other favorite one: Bo De Duyen in Toronto. You really have to try it! The food was so yummy and it was not too expensive either.

Addis Ababa in District of Columbia, USA
Jul 14 07

rating star

The food and the service were both good. The vegetarian platter for two was more expensive than I am used to though ($23). I prefer going to Lalibela; the food was cheaper and tastier there. The atmosphere is fancier at Addis Ababa though, so it might be nicer for a date or for taking your parents out to dinner.

Amsterdam Falafel Shop in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 22 08

rating star

I loved the fact that you get to make your own falafel!! I stuffed mine with all sorts of things and it was yummy (although a bit weird -- I stuck too many things together). It was a fun experience! The various garnishes and toppings tasted good, and the price was reasonable. The babaganoush in particular was very flavorful. I also like the idea that my falafel sandwich could be very different each time!

Chinatown Garden in District of Columbia, USA
Dec 26 06

rating star

I went there on Christmas day and it was super busy there! We ordered doubled boiled "pork" and "chicken with pineapple." We wanted some variety, but the two dishes used the same kind of fake meat; they were virtually indistinguishable. Furthermore, it seemed that they just used store-bought TVP; the fake meat was not too yummy. The veggies tasted fresh and well-cooked, and there were a number of vegan dishes on the menu, but I'm used to better Chinese fake meat and dishes.

Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza in District of Columbia, USA
Aug 1 07

rating star

I hear this is a very popular place among vegans in DC (our roommate said it was the best pizza in DC), but I wasn't too impressed. They do have soy cheese which is great, but they don't have ANY mock meats which is too bad. I tried two different pizzas; the Bosco was so so, but the one with caramelized onions (I don't remember its name) on the other hand was great.

Disadvantages: 1) No fake meats; 2) it took me a long time to order because it was hard to imagine what veganized versions of their non-vegan pizzas might taste like; 3) no big pizzas you can share with others; 4) so so taste, 5) No vegan desserts!

Advantages: 1) Soy cheese; 2) thin crust pizza; 3) good service.

Ghana Cafe in District of Columbia, USA
Aug 6 07

rating star

I was there with two other people and we tried the banku, the red red and a side of plantains. All of them were flavorful and yummy. I would definitely come back here!

Harmony Café in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 21 07

rating star

I was excited about Harmony Cafe: they seemed to have a ton of options and the prices are very reasonable (about $4.50/dish at lunch and $7.50 at dinner). But I shared a veggie cashew chicken dish and a Mongolian veggie beef dish with Greg (see his review below) and I was also disappointed by them. They seemed to be made with big chunks of TVP. They were also fairly flavorless. The cashew chicken was also supposed to be spicy but it wasn't at all.

I'm giving this place a 6 though because I really really liked the crunchy shiitake mushroom appetizer (everything about it was great: the flavor, the texture and the price: only $2.50!) and the fried banana with sesame seeds dessert (which was also quite yummy and only $1.50). I guess I would go back and just order these two dishes. It'd be a great nice little dinner for $4.

Java Green in District of Columbia, USA
Dec 26 06

rating star

There are lots of things to like about Java Green. All the dishes are vegetarian and most of the food and drinks are vegan. The food is tasty and interesting (I'll say more about this later). They try to use organic fruits and vegetables. The service was nice; my server was vegan too which I liked. They also have a nice assortment of COK materials handy and they seem to care about animal issues. I also liked the cafe; it's nice without being fancy.

I tried two dishes: Chicken Deluxe and a Boolgogi (BBQ beef) with kimchi. Both were really good! The faux chicken was my favorite. The drumstick tasted like drumsticks I used to like to eat as a kid. The boolgogi was good too, as was pretty much everything else. And they both came with purple rice which was very good especially when I added sweet sauce to it. One thing that I really liked about both dishes was that there was a lot of variety in each dish, so you can eat there alone or with only one other person and not get bored with your dish.

I highly recommend Java Green! I had high expectations and I was pretty sure that I'll be disappointed, but I was not at all.

Lalibela Restaurant in District of Columbia, USA
Mar 26 07

rating star

I liked Lalibela a lot. I had craved good Ethiopian food for a while and I was very happy when I found this restaurant! The food was much cheaper than at Meskerem as well as more authentic. I ordered the vegetarian sampler and everything on it was very yummy.

Meskerem in District of Columbia, USA
Mar 26 07

rating star

I ordered the sampler vegetarian platter which was quite good. The food was different than what I am used to: there was nothing spicy and a number of the dishes seemed sweeter. I really liked this actually and I would certainly like to eat it again! However, the two-person platter was smaller and more expensive that what I am used to ($22). I'd rather go to Lalibela, which has great food for a much cheaper price.

Middle Eastern Cuisine in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 22 08

rating star

The food here is just not very good. I was thrilled to find vegan baklava, but unfortunately, the piece I tried was very dry. It was also extremely small (one bite!) and $2.25. I also tried the eggplant dish, "a Takoma favorite" according to the menu. It was ok... Their lentil soup is pretty terrible. I know people who like this place, but I don't; I went a few times (so I don't think I was there on an "off night" and I never got a dish I liked). :-(

They get 2 stars, not one, because they sell big cans of ready-to-eat grape leaves. They are very yummy and reasonably priced at $9.75 for 64 pieces! They also sell tahini, halvah, and other things you might want to take home with you. You can find all this towards the back of the restaurant, near the cashier.

Nirvana in District of Columbia, USA
Jul 14 07

rating star

Very good food, elegant atmosphere, pretty good service, and reasonable prices.

Sticky Fingers in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 22 08

rating star

I went to their new location and I liked how big and spacious it was. It's nice that you can sit down and enjoy your sweets. I got their new "egg" salad sandwich and their "egg sausage" sandwich and both were great! I tried their soft serve in December 2006 and didn't like it; it was watery. But they now carry Temptation soft serve which is better. I wish they had smaller servings, for $1 like Blossoming Lotus in Portland. Their cheesecake on the other hand was awesome! It was one of the best I've had. It had the right "cheese"cake texture and a great aftertaste; just like a cheesecake should be. I also tried a peanut butter "Oreo"-like huge cookie, all dipped in chocolate, and it was extremely yummy. I don't go there very often, because they usually have the same things; I wish there was more variety (e.g. danishes, Tiramisu, lemon bars, fruit pies, macaroons, raspberry chocolate bars, tarts, etc).

Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 19 07

rating star

I really like this coop! They have a ton of vegan stuff, including ALL my favorite things except Enriched Silk soy milk. The prices are very reasonable. I just wish I lived right next to it so I could go there all the time. The organic produce in particular is better priced than what you find at other stores in the area. Oh, and did I mention that they carry lots of veg pamphlets at the front of the store? Very cool place.

Taste of India in District of Columbia, USA
Dec 28 06

rating star

I had a Vegetarian Thali. I was a bit sad that the dessert was not vegan, but even more sad that the food was not very tasty; nothing had much flavor. So yes, it's vegetarian friendly and it's not as expensive as some of the other restaurants located in that area, but unless you're stuck in that area and you're with a big group (like I was), going to Chipotle -- 1 block away -- might be a better option.

Trader Joe's in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 22 08

rating star

It's really annoying that a lot of their fruit and veggies come packaged in plastic boxes or bags and/or styrofoam trays. And their selection is weird: you can't find some basic things... But they do have a lot of yummy stuff too, including a lot of vegan stuff. And if you buy the Trader Joe's brand, the prices are reasonable too. Their red pepper spread is delicious and very cheap: $1.69. Their vegan mango-vanilla ice-cream is addictive!

Whole Foods Market in District of Columbia, USA
Jul 14 07

rating star

As usual, Whole Foods has a great selection of vegan products; you can find almost everything there. But this particular Whole Foods smells really badly of sea food -- yucky! The smell permeates about half the store and it's hard to avoid passing right by the section with sea animals. And the bakery had no vegan products when I was there.

Whole Foods Market in District of Columbia, USA
Dec 26 06

rating star

This particular Whole Foods is really big which is cool; they have a lot of selection. I especially liked their big selection of ethnic foods. However, this particular location is annoyingly focused on sea food; the smell permeates about half the store. And the bakery has virtually no vegan products unlike other Whole Foods stores. In the end, it's still a great place to find a ton of vegan products but they could certainly improve!

Whole Foods Market in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 20 07

rating star

This particular Whole Foods' bakery has NO vegan products unlike other Whole Foods stores. Can't they at least carry some cookies or cupcakes? It seems like most places try a little bit nowadays; it was shocking to see that this Whole Foods has nothing. It's still a good place to find a ton of vegan products (and if you get the Whole Foods brand some things are quite cheap/reasonably priced) but they could certainly improve!

Whole Foods Market in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 9 08

rating star

This Whole Foods is smaller than other ones I've been at. It still carries most of the things I want, but not all. It doesn't have a bulk food section, and fruit doesn't look quite as good. The baked goods section sucks! There are virtually no vegan sweets there.

Yes! Organic Market - Adams Morgan in District of Columbia, USA
Jun 22 08

rating star

This Yes! store is very small and doesn't have a wide variety of stuff. But they do have most of the basic vegan things you'd expect in a grocery store including a variety of Silk soy milk; Earth Balance; soy yogurts; fruit and veggies; Tofuti cream cheese, sour cream and ice cream; other types of vegan ice cream; some bulk stuff; enviro-friendly and vegan cleaning products, etc. I found key lime Tofuti cuties there, which I hadn't seen anywhere else, and they're so yummy!

Whole Foods Market in Seattle, Washington
Apr 5 12

rating star

A typical Whole Foods that offers all sorts of vegan food in the grocery section. The main thing that I'm reviewing here are the desserts. I have to say that I was disappointed to see how few vegan desserts they had. I got a vegan raspberry cheesecake (which was just ok), a chocolate chip cookie dough truffle (which was pretty much what I expected) and a peanut butter chocolate fudge which was great. They also had 2 cakes (vanilla and chocolate mousse) and maybe 2 cookies. So, they had a few of course, but a lot fewer than Portland's Whole Foods (which always has a few vegan cupcakes, etc.).

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