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I live in Portland, OR. I am a philosophy professor at Pacific University, Oregon. I teach lots of cool ethics classes including a class on "Animal Ethics," and classes on Environmental Ethics, Ethics and Society, and Ethics Medicine and Health Care.

I tend to give higher ratings to places that are vegan and vegetarian, that have good desserts, and that have reasonable prices. I usually don't care at all about service; I usually don't comment on it unless it's amazing or awful. I tend to take off some points if the place makes hard to tell what's vegan. I tend not to like typical American food and I love Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai food. I have a weakness for European pastries.

I am interested in ethics, teaching, activism, farmed animal issues, environmentalism, simple living, social justice issues, global inequalities, public transportation, ethics, activism, crafts (especially making stuff out of garbage), and eating sweets.

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