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I love to ride my bike and be with my dog/horse. I adopted him 2 1/2 years ago and he's basically perfect.. who needs a boyfriend when you have a live in one... who does whatever you say, gets crazy excited anytime you walk in, doesn't eat your pizza when you leave the box open and leave the room, and knows just how to cheer you up. I'm a weird dog person.. but you'd have to meet my dog Otto to understand. He's 110 lbs and loves to dance. What could be better?

I'm am attending college at Savannah College of Art and Design aka SCAD but I came here from Minneapolis. I grew up in St. Louis.. so I've been pretty spoiled as far as countless vegetarian options up until I came here.. and there are maybe 5 places with a handful of delicious dishes. I'm going to SCAD studying graphic design and something you should know is that after I get out of school and sell myself out for a decade or two I plan on starting a company focused on environmental design and sustainability.... but that doesn't bring in money so I plan on moving back to Minneapolis and working for one of the big corporations up there like Target, 3M, General Mills, Pepsi co, or Best Buy. I know it will be worth it even if it hurts my pride a little... plus Target and 3M I know for a fact are great companies to work for after college, so that isn't too much of a pride killer.

I've been a vegetarian since I was about 8 years old because I can't stomach meat... I'm a pretty honest person so I do feel obligated to say I halfway broke veg when I got my wisdom teeth removed and now that I live in Savannah Georgia it's almost impossible to find instant veg soup.. which I did end up figuring out.. but the chicken broth made me so sick... that I barfed it all out... which is my friends way of consoling me and telling me I only sort of broke veg.

I came to this site to find more vegetarian options in Savannah and read about my favorite places or write reviews about them whether great or questionable... I just want to find some grub at a pet friendly establishment. You know?

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