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Blind Faith Cafe in Evanston, Illinois
Oct 10 09

rating star

Great, but the menu does not say what is Vegan or what can be Vegan on request? A couple items do not mention any non Vegan stuff. But everything else includes eggs or cheese. Even the Tofu Scramble has tofu and eggs. I do not have a photographic memory, so I hesitate to go back to a restaurant where different employees think different items can be made Vegan. The menus at my three favorite places (in Minneapolis) all say what is Vegan or Vegan on Request.

New Scenic Cafe in Duluth, Minnesota
Feb 4 05

rating star

We really enjoy the vegan choices here whenever we visit Duluth from the Twin Cities. It's a great excuse to go "up north". We wish we could get there more often.

Bakers Square in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 10 08

rating star

We left without eating yesterday. We were regulars, but will not go back. It keeps getting worse. No Boca burger on the new menu. Veggie melt was removed previously. The stir fry rice has chicken fat. None of the pies are ever vegan. The stir fry pita available "without chicken", is all that is left. Very sad.

Breadsmith in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 21 06

rating star

Drove 32 miles round trip to try this place. Left empty handed. The staff seemed proud of everything being Kosher and vegetarian, but had no idea what was Vegan. They checked the ingredients. Pecan rolls are Vegan, but I would have to come back on Thursday. Pumpkin bread is Vegan, but I would have to come back in September. They could not find anything currently available without animal or insect muck in it. They did assure me that most Vegans eat honey (that's bee vomit, I think). I guess I have not met most Vegans.

Buca di Beppo in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 12 08

rating star

I received this reply by email...
The following menu items are vegan:

Spaghetti Marinara
Green Beans
Roasted Vegetables

Thank you again for writing and we hope to see you soon.

The Buca di Beppo Famiglia

Cabina Italian Kitchen - St. Anthony in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 30 06

rating star

VegGuide notified me about the one in Woodbury, so I checked their website and found this one closer to home.
We had everything on the menu marked Vegan. Soup and Spaghetti Marinara with Tuscan roasted vegetables. All very good, including the coffee. We liked it more than Noodles and Company. We will go back.

Dosa King in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 16 10

rating star

It was OK. They have Vegan options, but like most places, you have to beg somebody to tell what they are. Nothing on the menu or buffet admitted to being Vegan. The price of the buffet is also a secret. So we asked about the menu. He pointed to four things. The menu said one of them had Yogurt. We ordered the safest looking thing (Vegetable Curry). Boring. We would have ordered other things if the place was Vegan friendly. The hours are a bit irritating. Check the time before going. They close between lunch and supper. We will not go back unless we hear the menu has been upgraded. Sadly.

Good Earth in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 11 08

rating star

Not Vegan-friendly anymore. We went there August 7, 2008 for a treat. We left without eating. Everything on the menu includes animal muck. The server could not find anything that could be made vegan. We used to go there frequently. But, every new menu is less vegan-friendly than the previous one. We will not go back.

Mesa Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 27 14

rating star

I will try it, but Vegan cheese might be better. The only Vegan pizza on their web site menu:
Vegan: Spinach, veggies, and artichokes hearts but no cheese!

Nala Pak in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 9 06

rating star

Horrible. The name has changed to some Texas chain. The menu has shrunk. Not Vegan friendly now. The old Udupi menu indicated many items were Vegan. Today, we had to ask which items were Vegan. After several minutes they came back and said only one item was Vegan (vegetable curry). No tofu. No mock duck. We walked out. This used to be one of our three favorite eating places. We will not go back. Very sad.

Olive Garden in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 19 05

rating star

Sadly, Olive Garden is extremely Vegan Unfriendly. When a Vegan group contacted Olive Garden Headquarters about Vegan options, the reply was that their ingredients are subject to change at any time and vary from supplier to supplier. The staff at the store in Fridley, could not find anything that could be made Vegan. All the pasta and all the sauces contain animal stuff.

Panera Bread in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 24 10

rating star

On our first visit, figuring out which items were Vegan was too hard. We left empty, but took home a menu. I checked their web site. These items seem to be Vegan. There may be others.

Breads: country, french, stone-milled rye, sesame semolina, ciabatta.

Bagels: everything, sesame.

Soup: black bean. (not garden vegetable)

Salad: classic.

The items we have tried were ok, but nothing special.

Target in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Dec 23 12

rating star

Good, but the two Super Targets near us have less Vegan stuff. The regular Targets have almost nothing.

Trader Joe's in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 11 06

rating star

Vegan = Very little and nothing new. Organic fruit and veg = Less than Cub Foods, Whole Foods or Seward Coop. Unusual stuff = Flavored potato chips, and a few non-vegan things. I got bored and left without buying anything. Reminded me of the food section at Target.

Not worth the parking hassle. The parking lot was full, no available on street parking places within a half mile. I used the free multi-story parking, but was afraid of cars going the other way.

Triple Rock Social Club in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 23 05

rating star

One of our 3 favorite places since the smoking moved outside. We had to drink beer until 3 PM Saturday, so we could try the vegan meatloaf dinner. We had one with macaroni and cheese instead of potatoes. Both were great. We wish we lived closer, so we could try all the vegan stuff on the menu.

Tucci Benucch in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 8 05

We have not been there, but we plan on trying the place soon.

Since most restaurant pasta includes non-vegan eggs, we contacted them and got this reply:

The majority of our pastas are egg less. These include fettuccine, spaghetti, angel hair, rigatoni and linguine.

We have two sauces that are vegan. Our No-fat Marinara and Pomodoro Sauces. We also have a variety of vegetables you could have tossed with the pasta. Our pizzas and salads are also vegan if ordered with no cheese and meatless. You would have to request the salads to be tossed in our Mustard Vinaigrette or Balsamic.

Thank You and we look forward to your business.

Finesse Luna
Tucci Benucch, MN

The Vegetarian in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 30 06

rating star

Our first visit here confirmed they really are closed on Tuesdays :-). We tried again and the food here is great and very Vegan Friendly. We drive past Nalapak (ex-Udupi) to get to this place. Well worth the extra short drive.