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I'm mostly vegetarian, but not always
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Tsom in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Mar 15 11

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Good, not great. A nice place to stop by for lunch.

The location was great, so I had to stop in. I tried it twice to make a fairer judgment. First I had the lunch special, which was a pita with falafel, fries on the side, and a drink. The falafel was dry enough that I had to drink a lot of liquid while eating, but still it was distinctly better than the falafel at the nearby, established Phoenicia Cafe. They gave me a very generous portion of good fries. Second I had the cauliflower potato wrap, which was delicious. It might be too salty for a few people. In both cases the food was messy to eat, so I don't recommend taking a date here. The prices also seemed steep given that the ingredients could be had for about 25 cents, but compared to the restaurants in the area the pricing is better than average.

The salad bar and side bar are poorly labeled, so if you aren't sure what something is, you'll have to ask. I was wrongly instructed by two employees (one each time) as to whether items were vegan or not; perhaps they had not been adequately trained as the restaurant was newly opened. Time will tell whether that improves.