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Tsom in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Mar 1 11

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Stopped in within days of Tsom's opening. Nice, airy, casual, clean. The falafel pocket was outstanding, though not my idea of "spicy," as it was labelled. Mine arrived with grilled onion and tomato, and even then I was directed to the "falafel bar" where lots more items and sauces were available to add on. There was a "cold item" bar where lentil salad, greens, (wonderful) hummus and many other items could be heaped (or not) onto a plate and purchased by weight (great for adjusting portions). The house iced tea contained a delicious blend of spices. This is not a fancy place serving fancy food, and they don't bill it as such. For well made, delicious, nutritious, pick-your-portion, pick-your-preference, vegetarian/vegan food, it is my favorite. I can't wait to go back