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Feb 1 11

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I would've given 4 stars instead of 2 if I hadn't just read from the other reviews about the tofu not being vegan and the troubles others have had with finding out if dishes are truly vegan!

We went here for the first time on Saturday night. It was a much nicer place than I expected, especially for asian food on Nicollet. Linen table cloths, someplace you could go for a date or special occasion.

My friend raved about the homemade tofu, so I got the Sizzling Tofu dish, minus the egg. I didn't ask if the rest was vegan, because I'm not that strict and just figured the tofu wouldn't be made with egg. But you'd think if I said hold the egg to the server, he'd mention that the tofu had egg?

I thought the food was delicious, sampled a couple of my friends' tofu dishes also, but I can see how people might think it was bland if they're expecting spicy, but I don't like heavily seasoned food.

Overall - decent place if you're in the neighborhood, are not a strict vegetarian, and don't mind spending around $15 per dish. Otherwise, definitely not worth it.