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Mohawk Bend in Los Angeles, California
Mar 1 13

rating star

Amazing mostly vegan & vegetarian menu. Fabulous vegan takes on wings, sausages, pizzas and other typical gastropub fare. Great modern-yet-cozy atmosphere and decor in a retro-fitted theater. I can't recommend this place highly enough.

Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant and Feminist Bookstore in Bridgeport Area, Connecticut
May 8 13

rating star

Strongly recommended! There's an old-school, '70's vibe which is really nice because the owners are very sincere. The food is delicious. Don't expect gigantic portions or a fawning wait-staff. This is a restaurant that is organic as much as possible and is interested in more than just selling food. They are friendly and welcoming to everyone. Customers pick what they want from the blackboard menu, pay, and then go to pick it up from the window into the kitchen. We loved our entrees and the vegan ice cream was awesome. This is a special place !

Edge of the Woods in New Haven Area, Connecticut
Jul 21 13

rating star

Huge number of veg choices from the serve-yourself salad and hot food bar, as well as deli-style sandwich options that you can custom order. Great vegan bakery options as well.

Clementine Bakery in Brooklyn, New York City
Dec 27 13

rating star

My family got a birthday cake for me from Clementine and it was fabulous. Chocolate-raspberry, with delicious filling in between the cake layers and beautiful to look at; icing and garnishes were A-1. Based on this experience alone, I will be making a point of going there in the near future to sample everything else they have to offer.

iCreate Cafe in Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Oct 31 13

rating star

Great Mediterranean fare in a wonderful, cozy setting - three intimate rooms with both traditional tables and chairs as well as comfy sofas and armchairs. All vegetarian, mostly vegan menu.

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