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Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 29 10

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I love this place! The workers do not go out of their way to be nice but they take your orders cook good food generally very fast. And once you get to know the people there they are actually very cool and love to chat. The menu is packed with vegetarian and vegan options clearly delineated. The prices are very reasonable. Coffee is made with a french press flavorful and strong.

I work nearby. I read a review that someone supposedly got sick after eating there. I have eaten there 2-4 times a week for the last 3 years so probably 300 plus times and never once felt ill. Yes the place is a bit grungy but that is what gives it such great character! If you have never had anything there the biscuits and gravy is a great bet and very inexpensive. They shred the potatoes if you order hash browns, they cut everything up fresh. Try it out for yourself. It is an extremely cool place and they do NOT serve any meat