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Casa Tina in Tampa Bay, Florida
Mar 14 11

rating star

Hands down, the best Mexican restaurant I have eaten at, thus far. The only downside was we had to leave on our first visit and return another day. Apparently they had just started offering a brunch menu on Sundays and their regular menu was not to be offered until later in the day. The brunch menu did not look appealing to me simply because I do not eat eggs, and all of the brunch dishes that I saw had eggs in them.

When we returned the second day, everything was great. The service was good, the cerveza quenched my thirst, the chips and salsa were perfect (you could tell the salsa was made in house, by the freshness and consistency), and my Tostada Vagabunda (two crisp corn tortillas, layered with refried beans, lettuce, guacamole, cheese-optional, and veggies) was out of this world. My only gripe about the dish is that they did not give me enough guacamole! It was like a teaspoon amount. However, the entrée portion was huge, enough to get leftovers for the next day.

Several locals that I spoke with during my visit recommended Casa Tina's, which is pretty amazing since the area has a mind-blowing amount of restaurants to choose from.

Biology 701 in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Dec 6 11

rating star

I loved my experience at Biology 701! The food was excellent. Bio is one of the only places in St. Cloud where vegans actually have options. I couldn't decide between the vegan pesto pizza or the tofu curry pannini. I opted for the tofu strips with satay sauce (appetizer) and the pizza. Both were delicious. The tofu was perfectly prepared.
My only advice is to lower the price on the tofu app or give more tofu strips. Tofu is relatively inexpensive, so (to me) $6.99 is a bit steep.
I didn't mind paying $12.99 for the pizza. It's big enough for at least two to share, so if you are like me and order it solo, you will (should) have plenty of leftovers.
Also the staff is super helpful, friendly and knowledgable. Our server was vegetarian and had been vegan for a while. When I tried ordering a smaller sized pizza, she informed me that the crust on that wasn't vegan. I thought that was really great!
Another could-be set back is the ambiance. I like the fact that it's bar-restauranty, but if you are looking for a quiet, intimate setting, this is not it. However it's fun to mix it up once and a while :)
Biology 701 is a MUST try if you are veg and in the St. Cloud area!!

Cafe Renaissance in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Oct 4 10

rating star

Hands down, the best place in St. Cloud to eat if you are veg*n. They have a great daily vegan soup, amazing grape leaf dolmas and superb combo platters that allow you to try multiple dishes in one sitting! If you are ever in the area, do not pass through without stopping here first.

Good Earth Food Co-op in Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Oct 4 10

rating star

For the area, this is one of my more favorite places to go. It is quick, convenient and rather affordable. The employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. The store may be a little on the small side, but they always have what I am looking for!

Acropol Inn Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 3 11

rating star

My rating is only a reflection of the service, I walked out before I could taste the food.

I've never walked out of a restaurant before in my life. Maybe our server was just having a bad day...

The Bad Waitress in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 3 11

rating star

I really liked this place. I have gone a few times and get a kick out of the service each time I go there. Friendliness is hit or miss, but you can generally count on it being a miss. It's not called "The _Bad_ Waitress" for nothin'.

I've had a few vegetarian and vegan dishes there. I really enjoyed the grilled vegetable salad, tons of flavor and reasonably priced. The veggie burrito (sans sour cream/cheese) was also quite tasty and again, reasonably priced at $7.50. While I polished off the salad in one sitting, the burrito definitely was enough for a second meal!

They have a good happy hour, if you are into having a few drinks. They even have a beer punch card. Gotta love that.

Bambu in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 24 11

rating star

Great little place. The waitress told me there is no fish sauce/paste in the curry, so I ordered the sweet and spicy blast curry. It was delicious! You can get mock dock or tofu added to any dish. Bambu offers jasmine or brown rice which is nice to have that option. Prices are reasonable and they have some great lunch deals. I filled out the comment card and encouraged them to offer vegan pho options (currently all of their pho's are made with beef broth).

Ban Thai Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 4 11

rating star

The food was delicious, I had the Pad Asparagus (sans fish oil) along with mock chicken (although it looked and tasted much like the mock duck). The only downside was we got there during an unexpected rush and it took over an hour to get our food. If this happens to you, do not be to deterred, it's seriously worth the wait. There was only one person in the kitchen preparing the food and everything is prepared the moment it is ordered, nothing is pre-made.
The portions are rather large and I had enough for my meal plus two lunches! It is located in downtown White Bear Lake, which is a fun little town. It's not too suburby and is rather quaint.

Barley John's in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 8 12

rating star

Barley John's has a lot of vegetarian options and the staff seems very knowledgeable as to which dishes can be made vegan. I was happy that they accepted my request to sub tofu for tempeh in their Spicy Peanut Salad. Other great veg dishes include tempeh skewers, portobello sandwich, and a variety of flavorful vegetarian grilled pizzas. For those in the north/north eastern suburb side, this is a nice place to check out without hauling all the way into Minneapolis or St. Paul.

Benihana in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 16 10

rating star

If I was to rate the entertainment level, I would totally give this an excellent. Food wise, it was fair. Pre-dinner I had a specialty drink (which tasted like Franzia) and veggie rolls that were pretty tasty. For dinner, I had the tofu steak entree and substituted the shrimp app for the tofu app. It was tofu overload man. I noticed that they also had a garden vegetable entree and next time I would just get that along with the tofu app. The tofu/tofu combo gives you 6 tofu steaks. Way too much. Plus, speaking of the tofu, it is not "high quality" tofu. It is your general run of the mill medium to firm tofu. The sauce they put on there is excellent. You have to really, _really_ explain to the chef that you do not want butter on anything. Our chef totally buttered the veggies. Anyway overall it was fun. I would never pay to go there though. I went on my free birthday dinner voucher.

Cake Eater Bakery and Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 21 11

rating star

First time visitor and wow, was I impressed. I had heard mixed reviews, so I didn't have the highest of expectations. They had a few vegan items, and I opted for the Maple Pecan Brownie. Hands down one of the (*if not _the_*) best brownies ever.

I would like to stop back again and try a bagel with tofu spread!

Fresh Picked Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 2 11

rating star

Regarding the note below about the honey, it is now clearly noted in their menu that honey is used in their crust. I was so happy to see that a place in the burbs is offering Daiya cheese, that's huge!

The pizza was so delicious and fresh (I had the eggplant kind) and it was unbelievably affordable. I will be going back here again and again!!

Gorkha Palace in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Apr 1 11

rating star

I cannot say enough good things about this establishment. The dishes I had, were awesome (spice tip, medium is HOT and I am pretty accustomed to a good medium level heat, it was still quite tasty though); the service was hands down the best service I have received in the Twin Cities (the staff set up a special menu for our dine-out and was super accommodating to our needs, they even came out and told us that their Puri bread may contain a small amount of ghee, so they brought us a vegan alternative instead); and the ambiance was great, I wish their happy hour went longer (just from 5-6, they have great deals on their appetizers and beverages!)... Overall, a must try!

Harry Singh's Caribbean Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 20 11

rating star

Pigeon peas and rice, great flavor and very reasonably priced!

Krungthep Thai in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 3 12

rating star

I tried this place out after my friend told me what amazing spring rolls they have. I asked if I could have mine with tofu/mock duck, and was denied. I then asked if there was cilantro, which I highly dislike, in the spring rolls. The server said yes. I asked if I could at least have my roll without cilantro. Denied again. I left and went across the street to Jasmine Deli.

I'm not saying this place doesn't have potential, I just didn't have an amazing, first time experience.

The Local in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Feb 12 11

rating star

I had the Better Than Couscous Salad with the seared tofu. Seriously the best salad ever. I cannot wait to go back again!!

PS the dill crisps, are a must try if you like dill pickle chips!

Tiger Sushi in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Aug 5 11

rating star

I've been to the Fuji-ya in Minneapolis and in St. Paul; and Akita and Benihana in the burbs... Tiger Sushi is currently my fav sushi place. The staff was super accomodating and went through the menu noting all dishes that were - or could be made - vegan. All pictures posted (veggie maki, bam bam roll, geisha salad and udon soup) are/can be made vegan.

The staff also notified the chef that our group was coming and they were so kind about it all!!

Washington Square in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 28 11

rating star

I teeter between good and great for this, just because I found out that their black bean taco, which I thought was vegan, is not and cannot be ordered as such. The black beans are pre-mixed into a guacamole/ranch/sour cream mix. If they vamp up their menu and create a vegan black bean taco, I will upgrade my rating.

It was uncertain whether the veggie burger could be made vegan (I am thinking they may use an egg for a binder). The portobella melt can be made vegan (just ask to hold the cheese and you might want to ask about the bread options). Salads with meat can be replaced with grilled portobella and cheese can be withheld...

There are several vegetarian items, from portobella pasta to mole enchiladas.

The Square also offers a nice selection of micro-brew beers, for those of you who have a hankering for a quality beverage.

So, the options are there. The staff has always been accomodating and I have found The Square to be a nice place to visit when one doesn't want to journey into "the city."

The Wedge Co-op in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 14 11

rating star

My favorite place to shop for fun veg foods and they have amazing desserts. Vegan pumpkin cupcakes with maple-pecan frosting, um yeah they're dangerously delicious.

The Green Owl Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin
Jan 3 11

rating star

This is probably my most favorite restaurant ever. I've only been there two times (I do not live near the area), but I visit whenever I am in town!

I've tried their Crabby Cake Po'boy and their Italian Beef, both were outstanding. The atmosphere is great, the service is awesome and their nightly specials are super inventive!

Make sure to stop by whenever you are in the area (it is even worth a day trip out there if you do not live close by, you won't be disappointed!)

Monty's Blue Plate Diner in Madison, Wisconsin
Jan 3 11

rating star

I had their TLT sandwich once and their vegan hash. I wasn't super fond of either, just because I loathe fennel and fennel happened to be in both dishes (I believe they use it to marinade their tempeh).

I also had a soy shake there, that was out of this world! It was an espresso oreo shake. Definitely hit the spot.

I will definitely go back again and try some other vegan options!