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I'm not vegetarian
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Hobos Restaurant and Bar in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Sep 18 10

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We used to really enjoy eating here. My favorite item on the menu was actually a sandwich that was carried over from when the restaurant was S.O.B's.
The last time we ate there I ordered the sandwich and as it was given to me by the waiter, for some reason, I took off the top piece of bread (thank God). What I found underneath the bread was SHOCKING........ANTS. Let me repeat....THERE WERE LITTLE, TINY, BLACK ANTS CRAWLING ALL OVER MY SANDWICH AND PLATE.
I showed this to the waiter immediately, he hadn't even left our table yet, he was still serving the rest of the dishes to our party.
He took my plate and said he would show the owner, Gretchen. HE came back to the table, NOT THE OWNER. And he told us he would comp a DRINK, NOT my lunch...A DRINK!!!!!!! A stinkin' $5 DRINK. And guess what, I was pregnant so I was drinking SPRITE.
The owner Gretchen was there, I saw her earlier, and she never showed her face the rest of the time we were there. The next day I sent her an email explaining how disappointed I was with her actions and the actions of her staff and she said she "runs an organic restaurant, and with that, runs the risk of these little critters getting on the food." Ummmmm hello, was the lettuce not rinsed off? Also she said next time I was in the neighborhood to call her and lunch would be on her. NO THANKS GRETCHEN, MY LUNCH SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON YOU THE FIRST TIME.