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24 Carrots in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Apr 27 11

rating star

Tsom is hands down my favorite veg-joint in town. The staff is always super friendly and the daily specials are always incredible!

The vegan egg salad sammich is a must-try as is the "eggs" benedict (even has a "yolk"! zOMFG!!!).

Grab a fresh smoothie while you're there. Tropic Thunder is delicious!

And finally, make sure to like 'em on facebook or follow on twitter so you can see what the daily specials are.

Cafe Krishna in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Aug 25 10

rating star

I take friends and family here quite frequently because I'm vegan, it's close and it offers that sit-down experience that Woodlands lacks.

Unfortunately, they don't mark which items are vegan but your servers can let you know if items have ghee or yogurt in them. Some are more helpful than others, however.

I really like the music and the atmosphere here. Also, they serve your food on banana leaves which I think is super cool. I've eaten a lot of Indian food and I have to say that I think Cafe Krishna has the best Gobi Manchurian in the valley. And it is allegedly vegan, so try it! It is very spicy, however.

Green in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Oct 6 10

rating star

I LOVE Green! I feel very privileged to live so close to such an amazing restaurant! The atmosphere is great and the staff is super friendly. The sandwiches are definitely the highlight in my opinion. The BBQ Chicken sammich and thee Argentine are my two favs. The bowls are pretty good, too. They also do pizza, salad and appetizers like hot "wings", samosas, hummus etc. AND they have a great little vegan market, too! The only place in the valley I know of where you can find Teese vegan cheeze.

India Gate in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Aug 25 10

rating star

Certainly not the best Indian joint for vegans and vegetarians in the Phoenix area, but I wouldn't mind going back. It is small and a lot of the menu has meat. However, there are two things about this restaurant that I noticed that made it seem less authentic.

1.) They serve alcohol.
2.) They serve beef.

This is the first time I've seen beef on an Indian menu and only the second Indian restaurant I've seen with alcohol. The first being a bad experience.

They were able to inform me that the dahl curry WAS allegedly vegan. It was pretty good. Not the greatest dahl in the world, but this bring me to lack-of-authenticity point number...

3.) Their "spicy" is not very spicy. It's American spicy. I asked for my dahl to be really spicy and it came out hot but milder than most Indian joints.

So in conclusion, unauthentic and meat-centric, however vegan friendly.

King Tut Cafe in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Apr 27 11

rating star

Vegans beware! They serve the grape leaves with a dish of yogurt, so let them no ixnay on the yogurt, eh?

And the grape leaves are not very good.

But, this place is definitely pretty nice to go to and kick back and smoke some hookah at. A lot of underage hipsters, but whatever. Probably the best hookah joint in the valley.

Woodlands Vegetarian South Indian Kitchen in Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona
Aug 25 10

rating star

I absolutely love living so close to Woodlands. The people there are extremely friendly and helpful, unlike some other Indian restaurants whose names I will leave out. There are lots and lots of cheap delicious dosais, curries, utthappams, idlys, vadais, samosas, a chutney bar. I could go on.

Most of the items are vegan. My favorite being the dahl curry, but you can't go wrong with a lovely vegan dosai.

I also love the fact that they are always showing some Bollywood movie.