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I'm vegetarian
Registered on Aug 22 10

de Waaghals in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 22 10

rating star

Really nice place, original veg. food but not 'that' tasty, adorable people, service is slow (seems a couple of people manage all orders themselves), plates are really well presented.
Overall, lovely experience, but too pricey for what it is, bad value for money.

And yes, this adorable cat hanging around with no sense of worry whatsoever, gives a special atmosphere of peace and calm, as are the staff.
Unfortunately, not worth 50 euros for 2.

Overtoom 301 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 22 10

rating star

Loved it. Food is really good, original, healthy, so healthy it feels like home, the place is really comfy, the way they do things just make sense (hence you don't feel like you're only the customer, you bring back your plates, pay as you can afford, they pay attention to products origin, water is free, menu is unique, the 'staff' seem relax- at ease with no stress- like if it's their place).
To me, this place is just right, simple and clever.
And it feels/tastes good.