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In the summer of 2009, I decided to give to vegan lifestyle a chance. I went 30 days strong, lost 10 pounds, and never felt better. That 30 days, solidified my choice to live a vegan lifestyle, but it was not as easy to transition as the 30 days made it seem.

I would relapse, start over, relapse, start over, relapse, sta . . . .you get the pattern. I had to think to myself, what keeps tripping me up? Fried chicken and dessert. I figured out quickly that it was not the chicken I loved, it was the flavor. I added a few more spices to my cupboard, and ta-da, I was a vegetarian.

But the dessert, with it's butter, milk, and eggs was hard to replace. I did not believe I could eat dessert at restaurants, because unless clearly stated, I knew it was not vegan. In the summer of 2010, I decided I was going to do a 365 day vegan challenge, with or without vegan dessert. I thought, if I can do 365 days, then I can do it for life.

I have always been a foodie, so this was a huge step for me. I started going through withdrawal from my sweet treats about 15 days in, so I adapted one of my grandmothers easy cobbler recipes. It did the job, but I wanted more.

About 45 days in, I started looking for vegan recipes and I made my first vegan cheesecake. It was okay, but I wanted better, so I bought a cook book that looked good. While at the store buying ingredients, I ran across pre-made vegan cookies. I had tried them before and did not like them, but I said what the heck, I will try them again. Besides, I only love to cook, because I love to eat even more. So, I was happy to skip the middle step.

Then it hit, if I can buy vegan sweet treats from the store, then there has to be a restaurant making them. A few google searches later, and here I am. The Sweetest Vegan, your Vegan Dessert Connoisseur.

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