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Evolution Diet Pet Food Corporation in Internet
Dec 21 04

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I've been feeding my two cats Evolution Diet for over three months now, and they've done extremely well. One of my cats is a finicky eater, so he took a couple of days to warm up to it, but now he'll eat nothing else!

They don't like the food when moistened. I serve it dry and have had no problems whatsoever. They both drink plenty of water anyway, so the dry food should be better for their teeth.

My cats are only about a year and a half old and in great health, but after I switched them over to Evolution Diet I did notice improved levels of activity and hygeine.

I've never seen Evolution Diet in retail stores - I order directly from the Weismans at At bulk prices, after shipping it's comparable to mass-market premium food; one fourty-pound bag for two cats seems to last about four months.

As a strict vegetarian, I think Evolution Diet is a fantastic product. It fills a need noone had attempted to address, and does a great job in the process. I wish more people knew about this wonderful pet food!