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Duo in Kansas City, Missouri
Jul 14 10

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If you're looking for restaurant dining that's delightfully out of the ordinary, Duo is the place!
Easy to locate, immaculate, delicious authentic cuisine; but best of all, you're eating native Eritrean, Jamaican, and/or East African foods. Park your fastidious tendencies at the door. You're dining in native style!

Serving both meat dishes and vegetarian/vegan foods, there's something for everyone!

Hours are 11 AM - 9 PM, closed Mondays.

Elsa Abraha, our host and proprietor, is a fabulous cook, and being a native of Eritrea, described for us in detail each of the foods placed on the large communal tray. Our horizons were expanded with each incredibly tasty bite!

Note also the artwork on the restaurant walls. Each of the 9 Eritrean tribes are represented in beautiful detail drawn by Elsa's brother!

This experience is a "must" for those who look to expand their gastronomic repertoire.