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Futures Vegetarian Takeaway in London, England
Dec 16 04

rating star

For desert 'the crumble' is the best, sometimes it's apple,or apple-rhubarb, or apple-blueberry. I can't resist it. Just as good as mum used to make.

The guys that run it are very friendly and nice, if you're in the area don't miss it.

Since there is no seating you must take your food somewhere. If it's nice out, continue down the alley away from the monument until you come to am old church that has become a small very cool park.

The only drawback to this place is they use lots of packaging/styrofoam for the food. One day I'd like to bring in some tupperware for them to put my food in but I don't want to offend...

Indian Vegetarian Bhelpoori House in London, England
Dec 16 04

rating star

Almost fully vegan (ask but one dish might have dairy in it) indian food. Incredible value but the food does get a little old after a few visits.

The lassies vary in quality, sometimes good sometimes not so good. Again I tend to eat too much here, but why not??

Manna in London, England
Dec 16 04

rating star

In a trendy and expensive part of town, it's not cheap but it has lots of charm and is one of the first all veg restaurants in London. The food is consistently very good.

A great place to bring someone for a nice quiet meal with good lighting and atmosphere. Always have fresh flowers and a walk down the main street is always nice since it's in such a picturesque part of town.

I'm impressed that it still has a down to earth atmosphere and really nice staff (hard to find in London sometimes).

Mildreds in London, England
Dec 16 04

rating star

This is my favorite restaurant in London, I keep going back there again and again. It's always busy (but perhaps that's a good thing?) and the prices are A-OK.

Not everything is vegan but most things can be veganised. The walnut bread is amazing before the main meal and they have specials every day.

If it's really busy you can go down to a Wagamama there on the same street a little further south or you can go and have a drink at the pub on the corner which is one of the best in London (the John Snow).

Highly recommended!

Tai in London, England
Dec 16 04

rating star

I was unaware that they had a proper menu b/c I always go for the buffet. It's a small place and it can get pretty busy at peak hours. The food is all vegan and pretty good. Also the 1£ all you can drink green tea is a nice touch.

There are now a number of copy-cat restaurants around town, there's one in Angel that's _almost_ the same though I've yet to sample it and there's a few more Chinese versions such as one in Camden (review coming soon).

I tend to eat too much when I'm there and end up feeling a bit queasy though, so go easy and all will be well.

Wagamama - Camden Town in London, England
Dec 16 04

rating star

All the Waga's are pretty good. They are ALL over London now, you can't walk too far without running across one. The prices are fine and they have edamame! Some of the sauces are very fine indeed too.

A good place to bring non-vegs too since they have everything and they all have an unpretentious chaotic atmosphere. Makes more sense as a lunch place in my mind for some reason.

Falafel in Budapest, Hungary
Dec 16 04

rating star

Cheap and simple, you can also make salads in different sized bowls. They don't mind at all when you try to pile the salad as high as possible in your bowl even when it starts to look like the tower of babel. They just smile approvingly. I like this place a lot a go there pretty often. Everyone that works here is really nice and they make fresh fruit juices for you. You might have to know the Hungarian words for the different fruits though they are not too hard to guess. Who could ask for more?

Aux Vivres in Montréal, Quebec
Apr 20 05

rating star

This place is awesome, and it has not closed down. It moved from a side street to it's current location on St. Laurent in November of 2003 (the pic is current). So please visit and enjoy!

The breakfasts are awesome and so are the sandwiches, I've never heard anyone say a bad word about this place. Even the people who work there are great. I could go on and on, but I wont...

Spirite Lounge in Montréal, Quebec
Apr 11 05

rating star

Slightly hard to find but well worth it, the decor is really fabulous (though rather closed-in and obviously done on the cheap) and I found the staff to be super friendly and it helps that they tend to wear the most outragous outfits they can find. They are actually rather camp.

The food is great, but this place is a bit of a one trick pony. All the meals are in the same vein which makes this a place to go every once in a while and you know more or less what you are going to get. Oddly there tends to be sorbet involved in almost every course.

The featured cocktails are interesting and fun and are chosen (invented?) to compliment the meal.

The most distinctive feature is that if you don't finish your soup, you can't have your main, and likewise if you don't finish your main you can't have any dessert. They do provide smaller portions for those with smaller appetites so it's not such a difficult task after all. This no wasted food policy could grate on some but I think it's great. The waiters also tell you all the ingredients in the meal (in french or english) in case of allergies or dislikes.

Highly recommended for a fun place to eat a tasty meal.

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