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Lucia's Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 1 10

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What a lovely place to dine! The outdoor patio was pleasant as all get out and the food was fantastic.

As a vegan I was a little hesitant when my friend suggested this place. As we arrived I off handedly mentioned how much I'd like a salad with protein, as luck would have it our waiter over heard. As he started to suggest a grilled chicken salad I interjected to mention my lack of wanting to eat meat to which he replied "perhaps we have some beans in the back they could throw on"...I was speechless! He came back bearing a delicious fresh green salad with radish, cucumber, nuts and of course, delicious huge white beans scattered all over the thing.

For a place that doesn't have straight vegan options this place is fantastic about accommodating. Also the white wine sangria was similarly delicious. All in all our total bill was $23 for a double espresso, plate of bread (don't know if the bread is vegan, did not ask), salad, sangria and bowl of fruit (which actually came from the cafe but our waiter was more like willing to just hop over there and grab it for us).

Wonderful service, wonderfully accommodating. This place will get the highest rating when it regularly has a vegan option but until then, try it out anyhow!