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Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 15 05

rating star

One of my favourites.

Great selection of great tasting Chinese food.

Service is always good, if not always super speedy.

Naam Restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 15 05

rating star

Great food and atmosphere.

The Miso Gravy is deadly.

Bissap Baobab in San Francisco, California
Feb 24 06

rating star

The decor and the atmosphere are at once very inviting and very comforting.

The restaurant is very busy and popular with the under-30 crowd.

Great juices and cocktails.

Not a great selection of vegetarian food. Choice of three vegetarian appetizers were all fried. Choice of three main courses was somewhat limited. Food was decent but not spectacular.

Service was prompt, friendly, helpful, and likeable.

Cameli's Vegan in Atlanta, Georgia
Dec 13 04

rating star

We happened upon this place by a recommendation from someone in another restaurant which I forget the name of in the Little Five Points area.

Cameli's had great food, friendly service, and is reasonably cheap. You can have burgers/tacos/etc for around 5-7 dollars or entrees around 10-15 dollars.

The veggie soup was one of the best minestrone-style soup's I've had in a while. The Thai stir-fry was deliciously peanut-y.

Brighter Day Natural Foods & Deli in Savannah, Georgia
Jul 9 05

rating star

A great store and deli.

The Sentient Bean in Savannah, Georgia
Jul 9 05

rating star

Nice coffee house that seems to have all sorts of events on.

I dropped in and had a smoothie, which was very good.

Unfortunately, although they are open until 10, the kitchen often closes earlier, and I never got to try the food even after two 9pm attempts.

Lemongrass in Annapolis, Maryland
Feb 24 06

rating star

One of Annapolis' best restaurants - and Annapolis has lots of great restaurants.

I've been back 4-5 times, whenever I'm in town (sometimes for take-out) and have never been disappointed.

Dishes here are all unbelievably tasty and the service is great.

Excellent vegetarian selection.

Grasshopper in Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 6 06

rating star

Tasty food and wide variety. Soups come out FAST.
It's a lot like any oriental fast food - quick, tasty, friendly, and reasonably priced, but a little oily, and the decor isn't spanking new.
The veggies are cooked well though. Perfect crisp broccoli and wonderful greens. Did not have any MSG aftertaste.

Dumpling House Restaurant in Toronto, Ontario
Jan 4 08

rating star

These are the best dumplings I've ever eaten!

At a dozen dumplings for $4.79 or two dozen for $8.99, we easily had our fill for less than $10 each.

There were several vegetarian options, including a mixed vegetable and a very very yummy spinach and mushroom.

Until you've had these dumplings, you'll never understand how good dumplings can be.

Fressen in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 9 05

rating star

Cool atmosphere and decor.

Brunches excellent. 9/10 Tasty and great juices.

Dinner not so great. 5/10 Okay tasting but dry entrees, and pricey.

Ontario Natural Foods Coop in Toronto, Ontario
Jul 9 05

We order from the ONFC through a Buying Club.

Prices are good, much better than in stores, and the selection is varied. Many well-known brand names and a wide variety of items are available.

However, organizing a purchase definitely is a pain in the ass. You need to organize your Buying Club to order from the poorly indexed catalog and specials listings, and then put the order together into a certain format, and then when the food arrives, you have to split up the order for all the members of your buying club.

Sometimes parts of the order will not show up and there's no exceptions list, so you have to figure out what's missing. They don't charge you for it, but when you have a number of people in the Buying Club, it's a pain.

If you need to return something, be a hassle to obtain credit and get the product back to the delivery point for pickup during your next delivery. Our Buying Club only orders once every few months, so sometimes we hold onto items for 2-3 months before being able to return them.

In spite of this, an ONFC Buying Club is a good way to stock up on organic and biodegradeable items at a reasonable cost.

Vegetarian Haven in Toronto, Ontario
Mar 25 07

rating star

I've been to this restaurant twice. It is a very nice restaurant with great food and the portions are reasonably large.

I tried the mushroom burger the first time and it was tasty. It's ginormous though - expect to take a few minutes to ponder your plan of attack. The second time I had the bird's nest which had crispy thin noodles, purple rice, and a tofu stir fry - delicious and just the right amount of food.

The chocolate cake we had for dessert wasn't spectacular, but I would classify it as pretty good.

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