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Jugos Naturales Vegetarian Restaurant in Miami, Florida
Jun 24 10

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This is a little hole-in-the-wall place that I probably would not have gone to because I am very picky about where I eat. However, since I had read so many good reviews about this place, I decided to try. After all, there are not many vegetarian friendly restaurants in West Miami. Anyhow, the food was fantastic. There was about 7 choices of dishes and a soup....where typically you buy a 4 selection plate for $8. I bought a plate for myself and my fiance, selecting almost all of the different dishes. Each one was soooo good. Vegetarian food often can be a little bland but everything here has so much flavor. I also had a veggie pie, a guava pastry and a piece of carrot cake and again everything was delicious. I just went yesterday and am tempted to go back today. If you are in the area and are vegetarian or not....this place has really good food and you definitely should try!