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I'm vegan
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Ambrosia Indian Bistro in Monterey County, California
Mar 26 11

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I've vegan and have dined at Ambrosia several times over the last couple years. They have an actual vegan menu stuck inside the regular menu which is nice. I remember the tofu dishes, the eggplant and the chickpea masala all being excellent. Lentils were good. The appetizer Vegetable Pakora were so-so. Most dishes are quite rich (oily) and salty. Some people say the food is not very 'authentic' but geared more towards Western tastes.

Julia's in Monterey County, California
Mar 26 11

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I wanted to love this place because it's (lacto-ovo) vegetarian and there are so few veg options in the Monterey area. I went in September '10 with 2 other vegans and we were all similar in our opinion of the food and the experience: good, could be better.

I give them an A+ for effort. The waiter informed us that any dish can be prepared vegan, by request. My 'take' was that the owner/chef is fairly new on the path of learning how to cook vegan. Very commendable! He was gracious and came over to talk to us. We enjoyed the creative decor, adorned with the owner's wife's artwork. Another positive: The prices were very reasonable: about $10 per entree.

Our group of 3 ordered the enchiladas, the polenta, the risotto, and the chocolate cake. Lots was excellent about our dishes: especially the grilled and sauteed parts like the mushrooms, the eggplant and the greens. A complimentary pizza-like bread was served alongside a regular bread before the meal and both were wonderful and warm. Yum!

The risotto had a lot of rosemary and I love rosemary but I thought it was way overpowering. We thought it a bit too al dente and not creamy like the long-stir kind we make at home. The polenta itself was plain, much improved by the tasty tomato sauce. The enchiladas were pretty good, with fresh veggies, but the sauce, my friend said, needed a bit more zing.

The waiter pointed out that the chocolate cake was from a vegan bakery in the SF area. (I forget the name.) Who can pass up chocolate cake!? They smothered it in fresh berries--a nice touch! The cake itself was only ok. It tasted strongly of banana and had a pudding-like texture.

I will try Julia's again but I have to say I'm hoping it will be better next time.

Maha's Lebanese Cuisine in Monterey County, California
Mar 26 11

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I had one of the vegan options on the menu: the stuffed pepper. It was good, not super flavorful like Middle Eastern food can be. I thought it was a bit overpriced.

Arco Iris in Barcelona, Spain
Jun 12 10

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We were visiting from the US and ate lunch at this restaurant. We were seated in this smallish busy restaurant, by a charming host, at a table with 2 other English-speakers. (The host did ask our permission first.) The food was good, especially the gazpacho, but the vegan selections were limited on the "Menu" for the day. Being used to vegan restaurants in the U.S., it was clear the chef was not versed in vegan cuisine. For instance, their seitan dish contained cheese and there was no way to have it without the cheese. Fresh fruit was the only vegan dessert. This was typical for Barcelona veg-friendly restaurants.