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I'm vegetarian
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Cafe Shambala in Salt Lake City, Utah
May 17 10

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This wonderful cafe has the most delicious food. We are frequent patrons and heartily recommend it to all Avenues residents! It is extremely affordable. It's almost underpriced for such great food. We eat there several times a week, mostly for dinner but they have a very good lunch time buffet as well. You can get vegan and vegetarian dishes, tofu dishes with all kinds of spices to entertain the palette, wonderful soups (at only $2 a bowl), fruit smoothies and healthy yogurt drinks (also around 2-3 dollars) and things like dumplings, rice dishes etc. Everything is light on oil but big on flavor! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful and inexpensive cafe/deli/restaurant in the Avenues! The atmosphere is really healthy, non-demanding, non-trendy and just good! You can just come in and get great food! ~ Thank you, Shambala!