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Breukelen Coffee House in Brooklyn, New York City
May 8 10

rating star

I can't get enough of this place. I'm just about to move to the area and I think this place sold me on the neighborhood. I got a really positive vibe. The owners seem psyched about where the neighborhood's going and have plenty of good ideas about where to take it next.

There's nothing like a cold-brew Stumptown coffee on a sweltering, stormy New York day. The vegan, gluten-free zucchini choc chip muffin hit the spot too :) I might just start taking the long way to work just to drop in!

Sun In Bloom in Brooklyn, New York City
May 2 10

rating star

I just moved to New York and this was a fantastic introduction to the neighborhood. I tried the Bloom Burger, which was crisp and surprisingly succulent. It felt great in my stomach, unlike similarly tasty but unhealthy vegan sandwich fillings. My girlfriend eventually settled on the Macro Bowl which was simply but expertly executed. In one last flourish of indulgence, I ordered the Ambrosia smoothie, which did not disappoint.

The entrees were almost suspiciously low in price, but the smoothie was $11. This is odd, but it sounded like it had some hard-to-find ingredients in it. Looking forward to my return :)

V Spot in Brooklyn, New York City
May 8 10

rating star

I love this kind of vegan restaurant. It's completely lacking in pretension, the staff is eager to please and the food is fresh, well prepared and sticks to your ribs. I had the portabello mushroom salad which had some kind of magical herby cashew ricotta sprinkled throughout. My partner was pretty blown away by her tacos which were filled with mash potato, spinach and more portabella mushroom.

We also had the kale tostadas. They were fairly pleasing, but the kale was sort of uninspiring. I'm also not a fan of the vegan parmesan, which tends to be more strongly scented than it tastes. But this was only a slight blemish on a great meal. Two thumbs!