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Registered on Nov 7 04

Hard Times Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 7 04

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I wish I could move HTC with me wherever I go! 2 words, honestly: Seitan Gyros (someone said tempeh earlier, so maybe I have the wrong 2 words, but it's 2 words nonetheless). This place has fantastic vegan and veggie food, fair trade coffee, good reading, a great eclectic customer base, etc etc etc. One of my favorite eateries nationwide. I go there whenever I get back to the Twin Cities.

Bangkok Tokyo in Amarillo, Texas
Mar 15 06

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There are surprisingly quite a few things a vegan can eat here, and they are very open to adapting menus for things you'd like to try. There are a few veg sushi options, tofu soup, fried tofu, a great veggie curry, etc. The atmosphere is alright but nothing fantastic. It's a very small place, maybe 6-8 tables, and sound does tend to carry, but this is one of the easiest places to eat as a veg*n in town. As far as I know, everything that doesn't actually list animal products in it is vegan, but I would always ask to double check.

Sharky's Burrito Factory in Amarillo, Texas
Mar 15 06

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Sharky's is pretty much THE veg fast food location (besides the ubiquitous Subway). It's actually a pretty good deal too. You can get a veggie burrito there for 4 bucks, and choose from papas, black beans (refrieds are not veggie), rice, grilled onions, bell peps, jalapenos, and a decent selection of fresh veggies, including a pretty good pico and green chiles. You get a generous heaping of chips with a burrito and can choose salsas for both chips and burrito. A typical veggie burrito will be pretty big. Bigger than Chipotle for sure, but not as big as Freebird's (if you've tried them in Dallas or Austin). You can also get nachos or a taco salad for the same price, but make sure you tell them no queso on the nachos or they'll sometimes just just dump it on there!

The food is decent, but tends to be a bit on the bland side honestly. Their salsa is a little bland too but that's coming from a salsa fanatic. I tend to go Red Chile, but I think Roasted is the most popular.

Ambiance is a very mixed bag. It's clean and pretty spacious, and going for sort of a funky-industrial look, but the always-on Fox News and Christian radio usually drives me away. Those of you that are into that will enjoy I guess. Lines can be very long around lunchtime but the wait isn't very bad the rest of the day. You can also call for pickup.

Overall, I definitely recommend the place, but I usually get it to go. We eat there probably 1-2 times per week. They are also I believe locally owned and operated and are planning their first expansion out of town, to Abilene. The co-owner/manager is pretty friendly.