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I was inspired to found Green 4 Your Soul as a result of the frustrations I experienced while greening my beauty products. When I began researching the hazardous chemicals found in mainstream beauty products I knew I had to go green. On my quest for green beauty products I spent a substantial amount of money on products that didn't perform well, smelled unpleasant or simply weren't as green as they claimed to be. In addition I was unable to find one location that offered all of the green products I needed. As a self-proclaimed fashionista I was unwilling to sacrifice my sense of style in order to go green. I had so many bad experiences with green products that I would have probably given up the search had it not been for the health concerns that motivated my quest.

After extensive research and personally testing countless product lines I began to find amazing indie green companies that were producing products that out performed their commercial counterparts. Green 4 Your Soul was born out of my desire to share the wonderful green products I had found with others. What sets me apart from other green companies is my commitment to bring glamour to the green scene. I will not carry any products that smell unpleasant, are hippy dippy or simply don't perform. Every product is personally tested and every ingredient is researched and posted on my website to ensure that "Green Washed" products are weeded out. Since I'm a life long animal rescuer I only represent products that are cruelty-free and also carry many Vegan products. I do extensive research to educate customers on the importance of greening their products for both their health and the health and welfare of the planet. It's my goal to help people go green and to show them that with Green 4 Your Soul you will never have to sacrifice your sense of style or the performance of the product to do so.

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