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Clear Conscience Cafe in Boston, Massachusetts
Mar 1 10

rating star

The menu is clearly labeled for vegetarian/vegan options. They have Tofutti vegan cream cheese available for bagels or sandwiches. I had a vegan three-bean chili which hit the spot during my cold and rainy stay in Boston. They also have vegan baked goods available--I believe they rotate but I saw chocolate chip cookies and orange-cranberry scones. They also have a vegan sandwich as well as various vegetarian paninis.

It is well lit for a coffee shop. The walls feature educational posters on decreasing your carbon footprint. The building wasn't visually exciting but everything was made from recycled materials or with the environment in mind.

Overall, I enjoyed the vegan options that were available as well as the focus on sustainability throughout the cafe. However, I would have liked to see more vegan options with some variety.

Grasshopper in Boston, Massachusetts
Feb 25 10

rating star

This place is all about the faux meats. It was interesting for that reason. But the dishes were about as bland as they come. The spring rolls are heavily breaded, oily, and mushy-- worse than frozen store bought versions. The dishes are bland and exactly what they say-- don't expect any extra vegetables tossed in for variety if they are not listed.

My friend who had never tried faux meat was completely convinced that there was actually beef in his dish. It was convincing--I think because it resembled the cheap Chinese food beef that only provides texture.

This is buffet quality food. However, I think it still has it's place. My omni friend who was interested in my diet as a vegan said afterwards veganism seemed easier than he previously thought. That in itself is worth one extra star.

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 6 10

rating star

Though there are only 6 or so vegan options I had a hard time choosing. I went with their "Classic Vegan Breakfast" which intrigued me most. It consisted of tofu scramble, hash browns, vegan sausage, and toast. The scramble had great texture and flavor. I panicked when I tried the vegan sausage, it was frighteningly convincing.

The atmosphere is homey. It was packed when I went for Saturday brunch. I did not see any vegan pastries in the cases but I didn't ask. I felt the prices for breakfast items were more than fair considering the quality and amount you get. I saw quite a few entries but cannot speak for the whole menu.

I was impressed and will be going back soon to try a lunch option.

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