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Evergreen Chinese Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jan 18 10

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I have been living in the Minneapolis area for a couple years now and have been frequenting Evergreen for a while. I’ve eaten there about 15 to 20 time and have had good food and mixed service, until the last time I was there. I have been a waiter for going on 12 years now in everything from fast paced high turnover restaurants like Perkins to $250 per person dinners where I’ve had to where a tux and white gloves just to serve, in addition I spent a year as owner of a small restaurant. Through it all I’ve seen business practices that were good, some that were bad and everything in between. What I experienced at Evergreen the last time I went there was completely unacceptable! I will detail what happened:

We arrived to dinner on a Friday night. There were three of us and we got sat and after about 10 min they brought us water and tea without letting us know they were behind. They had a party of about 15 they were serving and about 5 other tables at the time, which came to about 30-40 guests in the restaurant. They had 3 people working the front of the house and I glanced at the pantry door and saw at least 2 more people in the back of the house. That brings the guest count to at most about 13 guests per server and 15-20 per cook. Which is still within industry standards for restaurants in the class of TGI Fridays, Applebee’s and Cheese Cake Factory to provide excellent service.

Our order was:
Me: start with fried tofu and a plate of fried rice for dinner.
Guest 2: start with fried tofu and cup of egg drop soup for dinner.
Guest 3: General toa’s mock chicken.

At the same time we put in our order in a table of 2 was sat. The server retreated to the kitchen and came out a min later and took the order of the other table. After about 10 more min the 2 plates of fried tofu came out and we eat them. Then another 20 min went by and the cup of soup and my fried rice came out. So we’d been there for 40 min at this point and the 3rd person in our group still had not gotten any thing to eat, other than some of our fried tofu.
By this point the other table that put their order in after us had gotten their entrees, eaten, paid and left. It was about 5 min before we were able to flag the owner down and ask him if the 3rd persons’ meal was almost ready and express our frustration with the lack of service. To which he did not verbally reply but just motioned in the direction of the kitchen and then walk back there. About 5 min later he returned to our table with her entrée, put it down and walked away without so much as an I’m sorry it took so long. The third person eat her meal and at the bottom of her dish she found 2 short black hairs. Because none of us have short black hair, were sure that they were from one of the staff. So we were quite displeased at this point and called the server over and showed her the hair, to which the server asked why she eat most of the meal before saying anything? The person in out group responded by telling the server that it was on the bottom and she couldn’t see it until she eat most of her meal. The server then said that she should not have said anything in that case. About this time the owner had just come to the table, appalled at what the server just told us, we turned to him and showed him the hair and at the same time expressed our frustration with everything. He replied that there was a big party before us. As if that was justification to not even stopping for a second to tell us it would take longer than usual, why a table after us got their food before us, and that there was hair in one of our meals.

So we went over to the register to pay and the server and owner’s attitude was unfriendly and the owner reluctantly discounted the meal with the hair in it. Then abruptly he and the server we had been dealing with walked away leaving us with the 3rd front of the house staff person who we had not dealt with till that point. She was the first one all night the express that she was sorry about the service and the hair. The overall attitude we got was one that it was our privilege to eat at their restaurant and we should be happy we can eat there, despite the service. That is where I draw the line!!!

I am proposing that if you want to go out for oriental, go to an establishment that appreciates our business and cares whether you have a pleasant dining experience and is willing to work hard to make sure you do.