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I love to eat and share vegan comfort food, in propoportion with other healthy foods, juices and supplements, and show people who are not familiar with vegetarianism how simple and fun it can be to enjoy this lifestle, and what incredible health benefits await.

I was sick and tired of strained relationships with hard core carnivores in my family and my circle of friends. And they were sick and tired of my bland tasteless and boring diet, until I shared vegan comfort food done right.

Now we are closer, now friends and family are healthier, now they are flexitarian, they even order from (to my surprise) and if I can do it with them, I know if anyone shares this food with thier family and friends, and society at large, we will see a movement towards a healthier more compassionate way of eating and living like this world has never seen, and so desperately needs quickly, before time runs out on this planet's survival.

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