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WaterCourse Foods in Denver, Colorado
May 25 10

rating star

Great restaurant. Very big menu, and everything except one item (regular pancakes) can be made Vegan. I had (all Vegan of course) a burrito, chocolate milk shake, piece of chocolate cream pie and a cinnamon roll. All were excellent. I'd definitely go back.

Pizza Luce in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Oct 24 09

rating star

Best pizza I've ever had (including before I was Vegan). I go to Pizza Luce whenever I am in the cities or Duluth. Rinotta (Pizza Luce's nut-based cheese substitute) is great, much better than any Vegan cheese you can find at a store, and their soy cheese is good too. Rinotta is mildly spicy, which tastes great. Sauce and crust are excellent as well. They also have Vegan peanut butter/chocolate bars, which are also very good. They will make some of their non-Vegan dishes Vegan on request. Their service is almost always excellent. I have nothing bad to say.

The Cheeze Factory Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Oct 28 09

rating star

They have a separate Vegan menu, but be careful, SOME "VEGAN" ITEMS CONTAIN HONEY. Ask before you order to make sure there's no honey. Other than that, it was great. The people are friendly and helpful and the food is great. I had one of their Vegan burritos, and it's easily the best burrito I've ever had. If you're ever in Wisconsin Dells, make sure to go here.

Lotus Cafe in Jackson, Wyoming
Mar 21 11

rating star

Most likely the only restaurant with Vegan options in the area and located very close to Jackson Hole. The amount of Vegan options is amazing, there's something for just about everyone. Of the meals I've had there the Indian fried rice with tofu is my favorite, pizza is great too. Deserts are very overpriced but everything else is reasonable. The waitresses are very friendly. Very relaxing atmosphere and clean. Has a lounge in addition to the main dining area. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth stopping by.