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Aug 10 09

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I ordered a pair of shoes from this site. To start with, they were ridiculously overpriced, but I bought them anyway hoping that the service/quality would be good and make up for it. Boy was I wrong. My credit card was charged immediately after I made the purchase but the shoes did not come. After 2 months I finally called them to see what was going on. I asked for my money back but they refused to refund my money because they said the shoes were on their way now. A month later, still no shoes. I called again and was again told that the shoes were on their way. Another month passed, four months total, and I finally called again, demanding my money back. The guy on the phone just gave me the run around and refused to listen to my complaints. He said that since I had already ordered the shoes, I couldn't get my money back, but that the shoes were on their way. Three weeks later, the shoes finally arrived; not only were they by then out of season and worthless after 5 months of waiting but they were three sizes too small! I checked my order and I had indeed selected the right size but they had sent the wrong size! I called again and explained to the guy on the phone what had happened and asked if I could just send back the shoes and get my money back because I was tired of the hassle. He said that that was “not their policy” and later actually HUNG UP ON ME! Yes, that's right, he hung up on me! I was shocked and appalled... I have never been treated like this by a customer service representative. So they basically took my money and never even gave me the product ordered, and never attempted to resolve the situation in any way. I recommend avoiding this site at all costs. I went to Payless and got a great pair of vegan shoes very cheap and was actually treated well by the employees there. I was able to take them home right away. I'd stay away from this site.