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Cafe Morgenrot in Berlin, Germany
Nov 5 10

rating star

This was one of my favorite places in Berlin. Yummy food, excellent baked goods, filling/cheap weekend brunch. I enjoy and was missing collectively-run, radically-politicked cafes back home, and I felt very at-home here, even though I couldn't speak the language

Birchwood Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 24 04

rating star

I live by the Birchwood, and it's very popular among my friends. It's kind of an overpriced yuppie / former hippie thing.

Their food is good, but even though it looks "alternative" in a very safe way, and there are often vegetarian and vegan options, there seems no committment to such. Like it used to be quite often that one soup was veg and one vegan, now it seems that at least one is ALWAYS meat.

I hadn't heard that there's a new emphasis on meat, but I'm not surprised.

They are also, in my opinion into weird-as-artsy food. The vegetarian pizza is almost always like golden raisins, blue cheese, fennel and pineapple or something - like the more bizarre the combination, the better.

Not my thing, but it is VERY popular

Seward Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 24 04

rating star

This is my favorite place ever. Almost completely veg, collectively run. And I DO know someone who works there with no tatoos, piercings, or dreds

The food can get a little greasy and I could do without the smoke though...

Fresh Horizons Cafe in Erie, Pennsylvania
Aug 23 15

rating star

Maybe excessive to write a review, since I only got one thing, but they have fresh baked vegan gluten free donuts (at least on Saturday morning) and they're GOOD! I will love them forever just for that

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