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Kingdom Of Vegetarians in Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania
Jul 22 09

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There was a bone in our food. We have been eating at the Kingdom of Vegetarians for years and we were always so impressed with the food. Last night we got the Mongolian Pork dish for two, and guess what - there was a real pork bone in it. It was horrible! I had a big mouthful mixed with brown rice, and I realized there was something big in my mouth. I spit it out and OH MY GOD, there was an inch-long bone split in half with the marrow still in it. I think about all of the Vegan Rasta’s, Hindus, Hare Krishnas, Muslims and general Vegans that we know who eat there. It is so sad! We loved this restaurant, but this is unacceptable! We called them a freaked out on them on the phone. The manager apologized and seemed a bit shocked! She wanted to send us a new dish – NO THANKS! She admitted that they buy the dish as a pre-made food item from Taiwan. How depressing. If this restaurant cannot find another distributor, they will have to close their doors. I don’t see any other option for them. Well, I hope you don’t eat there if you are a vegetarian, because the Kingdom of Vegetarian is apparently not one.