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I'm vegan
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Evolution Diet Pet Food Corporation in Internet
Jul 13 09

rating star

Poor ingredient quality, too many fillers.

Petguard Organic Vegetarian (which has organic eggs, sadly) or Natural Balance vegetarian (vegan) are much better quality foods. If Evolution could get rid of all the fillers and make their food corn/soy/wheat free then I might give it a shot. As it stands, I wouldn't ever feed it.

My rats get the Petguard Organic Veg dog kibble (since rats are sensitive to GMOs) and my cat gets a grain-free food from Natural Balance suitable for obligate carnivores. She was adopted pre-veganism and will be my last carnivorous companion once she passes. I'm sticking with scrappy omnivores like rats who thrive on vegan/veg diets from now on.

Vegan Essentials in Internet
Jul 2 09

rating star

Love this site.
They are simply awesome people with great products. :)
When they had their old location they even let us arrange a special time on Sunday to come shop before we drove back home to St. Paul, MN. Excellent business. :)

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 2 09

rating star

Evergreen is amazing. The staff is friendly and helpful, the food insanely delish. I pretty much always get the mock moo goo as it's garlicky and wonderful with plenty of fresh, crisp veggies. We also can't leave without devouring a plate or two of the vegan egg rolls (only fried thing I eat!)and their mango soy shakes cannot be beaten.

<3 Evergreen.

Perfect place to take the non-veg family/friends when you want to be able to eat abundantly while preventing the suffering that comes from taking whiny omni loved ones to a meat-free place. Heh.

Fasika in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 2 09

rating star

I love Fasika! We're regular visitors and the staff is super friendly and all the ladies who've been there a while could place our order without us saying a word (we're predictable). We get a friendly 'hi guys' when we hit the door and great service.

I am in BIG LOVE with the split peas, personally. I actually don't even LIKE peas but I adore how Fasika cooks them. Yum. Our usual is the split peas and an order of the stew, which is served with a scoop of delish mustard greens, too. I've had other Ethiopian that was good but my heart belongs to Fasika!

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 2 09

rating star

The tempeh cutlet owns my soul.
I literally have a salivation reaction just mentioning it.
Add in the spicy and creamy coconut red beans with delicately spiced rice, amazing braised greens and a truly outstanding bruschetta and it's heaven on a plate.

Turtle cake is delightful, too.
I tend to take my slice home since cake NEEDS soy ice cream or soy milk to really be complete, IMO.

Sakura Restaurant in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 25 11

rating star

Really fresh, tasty food. Our waitress was charming and very helpful in suggesting veganizable option.

We had the spinach with sesame appetizer to start. It is quite small but tasty. I prefer the spinach and sesame at the other Japanese place in downtown STP, Tampopo, but the version at Sakura is also good. If I didn't have Tampopo to compare to, it would have seemed even better, I'm sure.

Our waitress suggested the Sukiyaki made without the usual beef. It was DELICIOUS. The bowl was rice with napa cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, what looked like glass/mung bean noodles and silken tofu (not fried) covered with a sweet mirin/soy sauce based light sauce. It was very light but also filling and nourishing. We greatly enjoyed it!

Avoid the miso soup, as it's made with bonito (tuna). The waitress was very up-front with that information and seemed well informed on the ingredients in the food. A nice change of pace. :) Prices are reasonable and food was tasty. Recommended!

Supatra in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 25 11

rating star

This place is *amazing*. I thought I didn't like Thai food until I ate here, honestly.

Their fresh spring rolls are the tastiest I've ever had. The veggies and noodles are crisp and good quality, the rice paper roll is not gummy or too sticky. The dipping sauce is absolutely fantastic!

The cashew snack appetizer is also fanfreakingtastic - the crisp kaffir lime leaves and fragrant spices are a nice addition to fat, warm cashews.

My favorite meal is the cashew stir fry. You can add extra veggies to any meal for a small fee and I highly recommend doing so! I get the cashew stir fry, extra veg with light or no oil and it's so flavorful, healthy and tasty. Truly wonderful, fresh tasting food.

My SO enjoys their yellow curry, made vegan with tofu. They are so vegan friendly here that there is even a "vegan" button on the cash register. If you want something vegan, just ask! It seems the only thing I've bumped into thus far that cannot be made vegan is the Thai tea, it is pre-blended with milk.

The staff know what vegan means, know the menu and are very friendly. The space is beautiful and comfortable to eat in. Highly recommended!

Tanpopo Noodle Shop in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jul 2 09

rating star

Just an excellent restaurant!
I love their sesame spinach appetizer (not to be missed!) and bop between the mushroom soba soup and the kitsune soba. Both are amazing, simple but so delicious. I always walk out feeling completely nourished and satisfied. Lovely atmosphere, too.