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Galactic Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Sep 18 04

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About 2 weeks after they opened, my wife and I decided to try it out - good vegan pizza is hard to come by. It was fantastic, and we were happy to have a new place to add to our list. Then, we went there with friends, and our vegan pizza wasn't vegan, so we sent it back. The kitchen then threw something together, tossed it in the oven, and shipped it before it was done - it sucked. We didn't complain, though, 'cause stuff just happens sometimes.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, we called in a to go order - two vegan hipsters with green olives. That's what I ordered, that's what it said on the order, and that's what they said when I picked it up, but that's not what I had when I got home (it's 30 minutes each way). I was kind of irritated, and when I called, Pete said they'd put some new ones in the oven and they'd be ready in 40 minutes or so. When I got there, he was very apologetic and gave me a green card with "good for 2 free specialty pizzas" and his name - Pete – on the back. I was mollified enough to try again.

Tonight (9/17/2004), I was thinking a hipster sounded good, so I called in to redeem my "coupon". The guy that answered the phone said "we don't do that here". I explained briefly that my order had been screwed up twice in a row, once causing me to spend an extra hour in the car picking up pizza, and then he said "what's your name - I'll check the list". When I told him my name, he went away for a minute and then returned and said my name wasn't on it so there wasn't anything he could do. I said "You mean you're not going to honor it?", and he replied "I'm not going to honor it right now". I then replied "Either you are or you're not - there's no right now or later about it", and he hung up on me.

Now, I used to wait tables, for about 6 years. The right thing to do is take the order, take the coupon, and hope the customer is happy, especially given the reason the customer had the coupon in the first place. The completely wrong thing to do is to refuse to honor a coupon issued because you screwed the customer over, and then HANG UP ON THEM.

The pizza might be good, but I'm not willing to get screwed over on the off chance I might get what I ordered. I gave them four tries - one was great, they completely screwed up two, and insulted me and hung up on the fourth. I'll stick with Luce.