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I'm vegan
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Fresh Picked Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Mar 10 10

rating star

The vegan pizza is delicious. I've had the california, veggie and eggplant pizzas and all of them were great with the Daiya cheese. A personal pizza is filling and does not make you want to take a nap after eating it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a vegan pizza. I was not a big fan of the soy cheeses out there. This cheese is the closest to cheese as you can get without having to use an animal. I will be a regular at this place.

Sen Yai Sen Lek in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Jun 26 09

rating star

Very veg friendly and the service was timely and excellent. I went with a group of 13 from work who all ordered vegetarian food and everyone seemed to like it. This is one restaurant we will definitely visit again.

Imagine Vegan Restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee
May 28 11

rating star

We loved this restuarant, so much so that we made a pact we would eat here every time we come to Memphis. We are from Minnesota and are visiting my in-laws. There was a wide variety of sandwiches, entrees and appetizers on the menu. We had the buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks for apps which were both very good. The wings were my favorite. We had crab cakes and philly steak sandwich for dinner. They also have very tasty and healty sides. The sandwich was great, crab cakes were good (could have been a little more spicy). Last we had the triple chocolate cake which was also very delicious. If you are vegan or even if you are not, you will love this restaurant.

Mediterranean Chef in Houston, Texas
Feb 7 12

rating star

Located on a busy highway with a small parking area. I got the falafel wrap, was good but a little bland. Came with a tahini based sauce that didn't add much tang like I hoped it would. Came with a salad that I didn't know about and it had feta cheese so make sure u ask if u are vegan. Got the potatoes instead of fries and they were good but were again on the bland side without ketchup. Would have been better if it contained more herbs. Overall, nice little mom and pop Greek restaurant with a small outdoor seating area. Service was good and food came very quick. Will likely go back again.

Pepper Tree in Houston, Texas
Apr 27 12

rating star

Loved this restaurant although it was hard to believe everything was purely vegan and some other reviews confirm that they might not be. But nonetheless, very tasty and healthy food with lots of sushi type items, greens, potatoes and desserts. Price is a little expensive but worth it for a weekend treat.

Black Cat Coffeehouse and Cafe in Ashland, Wisconsin
Aug 28 11

rating star

This is a nice little cafe/restaurant with a coop right next to it. The restaurant has a small nook where small kids can play. This came in really handy as we have a 5 year old and a 2 yr old. They had some good vegetarian salads, one was vegan. They also use a lot of organic ingredients which is always good. Three of the four dressings were vegan. I really liked the poppyseed dressing. They also have veggies with hummus, kim chi and some soups which may or may not be be vegan. Overall, this was a nice lunch option after having very little vegan options in the Bayfield area where we had gone for a short two day getaway. There was also a small three piece band playing outside the restaurant which we enjoyed listening to after our lunch. Recommend this stop if you are ever in Bayfield/Washburn/Ashland.