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The Lodge in Grenada, Caribbean
Jun 8 09

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My husband and I stayed at the Lodge in Grenada for a week and our experience was nothing short of wonderful! Our flight was several hours late and we had no way to contact one of the owner's, Mark, who was picking us up at the airport. Mark had to hang around the airport for several hours waiting for us but when we finally got there he was nothing but kind and friendly. We arrived late at night due to our delay but when we got to the Lodge the other owner, Mary had thoughtfully prepared a snack for us after our long day of travel. This type of kindness and thoughtfulness was typical of our hosts at the Lodge throughout our stay. We also recieved tips about local customs and were appreciative of the information as we had never visited Grenada before and like to respect local customs wherever we travel. We found Mark and Mary to be exceptionally good hosts. Mark took us on a great Jeep tour of the entire island, as well as to several lovely beaches and an amazing vegan chocolate factory. On all of our day-long excursions, Mary packed us delicious picnic lunches. Meals were very tasty with much of the produce grown right there on the property. I have a wheat intolerance and all of our meals were completely wheat-free (not always an easy task). It's true that there is no air conditioning, but as the Lodge is located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean and the harbor of St Georges, there are always lovely breezes. (The view is spectacular!) There is no TV, but we didn't miss that a bit as we never lacked for good after-dinner conversation with our hosts. We also had a "movie-night" where a rented film was shown on a white wall outdoors - a treat for a film buff such as myself. Mark and Mary were perceptive hosts who hit the perfect balance of giving us "space" to spend time alone while also being friendly and excellent conversationalists. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would rate the Lodge 5 stars for location, eco-friendliness, accomodations (room, linens, bed comfort, cleanliness), food, and service. My only complaint would be that the pool is small, but it's chemical free so I think it was still better than we'd find at a hotel/resort. And it was SUPER to never have to worry "Is the food really vegan? What about the toiletries? Is my money being used in ways that I don't want to support?" !!! When I read the negative review that was posted, I couldn't believe what they said. The only reason I can think of is that they were expecting a HOTEL type experience, and the Lodge is more like a B & B - low-key and casual - but we did have a private bathroom! We still keep in touch with the proprietors, Mark and Mary, as right from the start we felt like they were friends rather than staff, And I'd also like to add that when we left I perused the guest book and it was filled with comments like ours - stories of wonderful, once in a lifetime stays in Grenada at the Lodge! I would gladly return every year if I had the means to do so. I have travelled throughout the Caribbean, as well as extensively in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the US and I would highly recommend the Lodge as a destination to any discerning traveler!