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Registered on Sep 13 04

Ecopolitan in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 17 04

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I had the Green Burrito (delicious!) and some of my friend's cucumber pasta (also delicious!). This place is perfect... and I'll punch anyone that says otherwise. I'm practically kidding.

Galactic Pizza in Twin Cities, Minnesota
Nov 16 04

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In my opinion, the BEST vegan pizza in this galaxy. However if you ever get out to Andromeda, there's this one place that... Oh, I've said too much.

Team Veg Twin Cities in Twin Cities, Minnesota
May 10 05

Team Veg has been great! It's a nice excuse to see veg friends on a weekly basis. It's also a good motivation for you to keep exercising on a regularly. However, don't be fooled, it isn't ALL hard work. We even went bowling once and knocked back some beers along with our pins. We aren't made of stone. :)

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