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The Lodge in Grenada, Caribbean
Jun 14 09

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The Lodge advertizes itself as 'Vegetarian Paradise'/'Vegan Heaven' and this has to be one of the biggest understatements ever! My wife and I spent two wonderful weeks in this 'slice of paradise' where with Mark and Mary's food 'to die for' (after the fresh made tagliatelle arabata they served we now have a marker for pasta that we have never before or since experienced - and we lived in Italy for 3 years!)and their love of all thigs Grenadian that they shared with us this was the holiday that we as long term Vegans had previously not been able to find. If there are three things you need to do in your life its: 1 visit the Grand Canyon. 2. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt and 3. take a Vegan vacation at The Lodge in Grenada