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The Lodge in Grenada, Caribbean
Jun 4 09

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We returned yesterday from The Lodge and, as repeat visitors, found it exactly to our liking and purpose, which was a quiet getaway and a celebration of our anniversary. This property is not the Four Seasons and those who want such a holiday should go there. The Lodge is a true Caribbean oasis, living like it was long ago in a plantation setting with unbeleivable gardens, with no television, radio or wireless internet. Those who feel compelled to take New York on vacation with them should go where these amenities are available. This is a true vegan paradise, one which truly reflects the spirit of a committed vegan. There is no place here for part time and non-serious vegans, as the food reflects true vegan values, excellent and controlled fresh and natural ingrediants and size appropriate portions that reflect vegan philosophy of sufficiency and not excess. Even with these parameters, the food is excellent, a great variety for dinner, with true thought for flavor and taste. To be a vegan I have always assumed that I am different from the norm. Vegans have a different outlook on life and the world around us. Mary and Mark, the owners, chefs, cooks, cleaners and bottlewashers, are prime examples of true vegans.

The Lodge is exactly what it is avdertised as, great, but simple accomodation, some of the best vegan food avaialble, an offering of peace and tranquility and a chance to slow down the mind and cleanse the body and spirit. As residents of Barbados, we also understand that a place like the Lodge is different and it takes a true vegan, looking for real peace, living without the influence of Blackberry and television to get it.

So any true vegan, with a taste of adventure, a true love of life, an ability to entertain ones self and not rely on electronics, a love of excellent food and a chance to have a relationship with Mary and Mark, two really interesting, honest and beautiful people, The Lodge is the place for you.

Phil and Susan