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Karyn's Cooked in Chicago, Illinois
May 24 09

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I've only been once, but it was amazing!! It was my first trip to an all-vegan restaurant, and knowing that I could eat anything on the menu was the weirdest feeling ever.

I had a "Sloppy Joe" made with seitan, and it was delicious! It was the first time I'd had a sloppy joe since childhood, so it was quite a treat! I had a nonveg friend with me & she said the seitan wrap she was eating would have fooled her if she hadn't known it wasn't real meat.

For dessert we had a tiramisu cake, and we agreed it was one of the best cakes we'd ever eaten, vegan or not! The portions are big, so I had enough of my sandwich to take home.

Our service wasn't great, but Karyn came out to greet us, and I thought that was really neat. It was crowded - make a reservation!

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